Water Features to Accent the Home Garden

April 4, 2010

This post is a sponsored review of UK Water Features which is based in Yorkshire, England. A water feature is a great addition to the sustainable garden and can provide many benefits even in a residential backyard.

In addition to the ornamental appeal, a water source is important for the well-being of beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife that roams the landscape and interacts with the plants, shrubs, and trees that grow there.

Water Feature Suggestions for the Outdoor Landscape

If your backyard is lacking in regards to feathered and furred friends than adding an outdoor fountain or pond may be all that is needed to liven things up! UK Water Features offers some great ideas and options to incorporate water into a variety of settings.

As you’d expect there’s an extensive assortment of garden fountains, bird baths, indoor fountains, and all the supplies needed to set up your own backyard pond including; pumps, liners, lighting, misters, and other pond accessories.

Friendship Fountains and Deck Ponds

A couple of unique products that caught my eye were the Friendship Fountain and the Deck Ponds. The Friendship Fountain is a tiered water feature with water bubbling up from a ball and flowing into one bowl that then feeds into a second lower level bowl. This fountain combines an attractive appearance with relaxing sounds and lighting to accent any outdoor location.

The Deck Ponds come in a variety of sizes ranging from as small as 25 gallons right up to larger units totaling 400 gallons. The Deck Ponds are made from sustainable timbers, require no digging or plumbing and are easy to set up. The simple assembly makes it a snap to store these ponds during the winter months when you are not outside to enjoy them.

Take Your Pick from an Assortment of Garden Features as Well

UK Water Features is about more than just water, they also offer a wide range of products of interest to the gardener and homeowner. You’ll find everything from accent and solar lighting to fire pits, garden furniture, pavers, ornaments and patio heaters.

For the hobby gardener there is a selection of greenhouses, items to assist with pest control, and “grow your own kits” for raising giant pumpkins, fruits, sunflowers, herbs, and more.

UK Water Features offer quality products that are constructed to last even with the constant exposure to outdoor elements. They offer free shipping within the UK, a price guarantee, speedy delivery, and a Yorkshire showroom in addition to an Internet website. So check them out if you have interest in adding a water feature to make your backyard more inviting to both people and wildlife, including beneficial insects that will be happy to lend a helping hand out in the vegetable garden.

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  • Excellent water feature ideas.


  • I agree with you Mike. It’s definitely an excellent water feature ideas.

    It’s cute and wonderful. I’m sure it will fit in beautiful gardens.

  • I love the bird baths. They are an excellent way to bring much needed wildlife into your garden.

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