Troy-Bilt String Trimmer Review and Free Give-away

July 2, 2013

At this year’s Garden2Blog event I took advantage of an opportunity to check out some of Troy-Bilt’s line of new products that include tillers, string trimmers, and lawn mowers. I was familiar with the quality of the company’s tillers but walked away from the demonstration impressed by the innovation contained in their other garden equipment.

After I returned home from Moss Mountain Farm Troy-Bilt invited me to trial and review one of their string trimmers and also offered to give one of them away to the readers of this website. So I’ll begin with the review and later share how you can enter the Veggie Gardening Tips website’s contest to win your own Troy-Bilt trimmer.

The TB675 EC Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer

Grass TrimmerThe grass trimmer that I received was the TB675 EC Model, which is a straight shaft, gas-powered, string trimmer. The first thing that I noticed was that this is a 30cc 4-Cycle trimmer, so unlike the 2-Cycle machines that I have used in the past, this one does not require you to mix oil into the gasoline before filling the tank.

That’s a plus for convenience and also makes it easier to ensure that you are always using fresh gasoline in your equipment. There’s no mixing, no storing a separate fuel container, and no worry over putting the wrong type of fuel into your other garden equipment!

Other Features of the Troy-Bilt TB675 EC Grass Trimmer

The TB675 EC string trimmer has an adjustable multi-position handle that can be configured to suit both left and right handed users. The string used is a .095 inch diameter line with a 17-inch cutting swath. This trimmer accepts optional attachments that convert the machine into a range of additional tools; including a cultivator, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, pole saw and more in order to eliminate the need for separate pieces of dedicated equipment.

Other features of this Troy-Bilt string trimmer include a “spring assist” starting system that requires less effort when pulling the cord to start the machine, and a cutting head that can be refilled without removing it from the shaft. Just feed the line through the eyelets and twist the head until the line is loaded within the head, and you’re ready to get back to work.

Off to a Fast Start with the JumpStart Cordless Engine Starter

One of the innovations that Troy-Bilt has developed is the JumpStart Cordless Engine Starter. This handheld cordless device enablesCordless Engine Starter you to start your gas trimmer without the usual exercise involving multiple pulls of the cord, choke adjustments, and additional pulls of the cord in order to get the engine running. Instead the JumpStart Engine Starter is inserted into the back of the trimmer and a press of the trigger is all the effort that is needed to get the engine started!

The JumpStart engine starter is portable, rechargeable, and cordless so that you can take it anywhere and use it to fire-up your Troy-Bilt garden equipment. In addition to their gas trimmers, the JumpStart technology also works with compatible blowers, edgers, and cultivators. So if you’re far too familiar with the frustration of struggling to start-up your gas powered grass trimmer this cordless engine starter is your solution to that common problem.

Putting the Troy-Bilt TB675 EC String Trimmer to the Test

I’ve been using the TB675 EC Gas String Trimmer for a few weeks now and have been very pleased with its performance. Even using the standard starter cord the trimmer started up dependably, but I do love the convenience and ease of using the new cordless JumpStarter, which worked perfectly. I don’t miss mixing gas and oil at all and won’t be going back to a 2-cycle trimmer any time soon. I also enjoyed the power and much longer running time of the TB675 compared to an electric grass trimmer.

This was my first experience with at straight shaft trimmer but I found the transition to be easy and there was no difficulty in using this type versus a curved shaft trimmer. The noise levels were about average for a string trimmer and the unit was slightly heavier than my previous grass trimmer, but the machine was comfortable to work with even over extended periods of use. So far I really like this Troy-Bilt string trimmer and have absolutely no complaints to report.

Win Your Own Free Gas String Trimmer from Troy-Bilt

Here’s your chance to win a free TB675 straight shaft gas trimmer and JumpStart engine starter courtesy of Troy-Bilt. To enter the Veggie Gardening Tips contest simply leave a comment on this post and tell us what your favorite feature is for the TB675 gas trimmer or share your favorite tip for using or maintaining a gas trimmer.

The contest will run until Sunday, July 7th, and the winner will be randomly selected using a random number generator. So get those comments in today and you may be the winner of a brand new Troy-Bilt TB675 EC gas trimmer and a JumpStart cordless engine starter!

Disclaimer: Troy-Bilt provided me with a TB675 EC trimmer in order to conduct this review and is supplying a second unit to a reader of this website. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.

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  • Nathan

    Sweet giveaway. I really like the cordless start. no more multiple yanks on the cord!

  • Roger

    Sounds like a sweet machine! The thing that jumps out at me is the 4 cycle engine – no more mixing fuel! I’ll bet it runs a bit more quietly as well, and doesn’t have to rev as high to get the job done.

    I prefer to use my string trimmer at the beginning of my yard work. I am a big believer in “mulching”, so if the cut detritus from the string trimmer work is already lying about, it gets mulched into the yard along with the normal mowing clippings and discharge.

  • Beginning Gardener!

    Over the last -6 years I have wanted to start gardening but haven’t been able to due to multiple moves while I have been getting my career started. Now I am finally in a house with a yard that is almost an acre and I have started my quest into gardening!! I have never used a trimmer before but I can tell you the lawn mower doesn’t get to everything, and we need some help with getting around the shed and the house, and trimming the more than 15 very overgrown bushes in our yard!!!

    With learning how to make veggies and flowers grow at 7500 feet the last thing I need to be trying to learn is how to mix oil etc, this tool sounds like it would be an angel from above to help make maintaining a yard and garden more manageable. I hope that you will consider me a candidate for a tool like this because as with all hobbies gardening is more expensive than I expected, and i don’t think we will be getting one otherwise. Please help me make my neighbors happy and give me a chance with this tool!!!

  • Amanda

    The cordless jump start sounds like a nice feature!

  • Ronald Whitener

    I liked the no oil mixing and the 4 cycle engine, and the 17in. cut. And the cordless jumpstart engine starter. Thanks Mr. Whitener!!

  • Allison M.

    Perks are that it has JumpStart engine starter that is cordless and rechargeable and that does not require you to mix oil into the gasoline before filling the tank.

  • This is a great giveaway! My favorite feature of the TB675 gas trimmer was the optional attachment wherein you can convert it to other useful tools. I wish I will win this giveaway! 🙂

  • Kelsey

    I have been working on my plot at the community garden in my town for 2 years now. We are in dire need of a new trimmer! With new gardeners coming and going it can be a struggle to keep the plots and paths maintained. This trimmer looks like just what we need!

  • Aaron Weaver

    Not having to mix oil and gas is definitely a plus.

  • Shayne Randlett

    Like most everyone has said, no question that the best features are the electric start & no having to mix oil with gas. Nothing worse than ripping on a pull-start when it’s ninety degrees and humid out!

    As far as tips on maintaining a gas trimmer, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of fresh gas when dealing with a small engine. Most common problems that you’ll run into with a trimmer’s engine can be avoided by only using fresh, clean gas, and you’ll get more power and easier starts, too. Plus, as a bonus, because it’ll burn more completely in the engine, there’s less pollution, too!

  • Cheryl A

    I love the idea of the JumpStart. I always have trouble starting things and the trimmer was even giving my husband issues earlier.

  • Clifford Hawley

    I really like that it is a 4 cycle engine instead of the highly polluting 2-cycle. That oil/gas mixture doesn’t burn all that well and releases a lot of unburned fuel into the air.

  • Katherine Donovan

    The best feature for me would be the cordless jumpstart engine starter. I have spent WAY TOO MUCH time trying to get my trimmer started!! Only to get frustrated and give up! And unfortunately, the older I get, the tougher it gets 🙂 Thanks for chance to win this. Troy-Bilt is undoubtedly the top name for lawn care products!!

  • Don McIntyre

    I think I like the ability to use other tools with it,also the 4 cycle where you don’t have to mix gas.

  • Both the 4 cycle change, and the loss of the pull start are innovative. Leave it to Troy Built to rethink these things. I’ve never used a straight shaft trimmer, but have noticed that many professional landscapers use

  • Paul M

    I’d always rather have a 4 cycle trimmer for this reason: noise. With close neighbors, I try to keep the noise to a minimum, and 2 cycle engines raise more of a racket.

  • Tony Lubke

    Not having to mix the gas and oil and the jump start options are both great new features.

  • Alan Rowland

    The cordless jump starter means that even my wife or daughter could use it, but not having to remove the head sounds like the best feature. That annoys me.

  • Lisa Grandstaff

    I think a regular gasoline engine rather than the traditional 2-stroke is more environmentally “clean” (as if any combustion engine could ever be called that…) and of course, more convenient.

    What I would be curious about is the balance of the unit itself. For those of us with more than a yard, but less than a big “property” (I have 31000 sq ft on my lot) it may take up to an hour of off-and-on trimming. Therefore, the Ryobi I have now takes its toll on back and forearms, as it’s not so well balanced. Perhaps this type of tool cannot, however.

    With my current trimmer, I’ve had to rebuild the carb and replace (repeatedly) the fuel tube and other parts, just to keep it running. Perhaps due to the corroding nature of the fuel mixture?

  • I love all the features of this Grass Trimmer. It is so convenient to use especially having the cordless jump starter. I prefer this than using the electric grass trimmer.

  • Nathan

    Any winner, yet?

  • I wish I can still join this contest. There’ no declared winner yet. I think the cordless engine starter is the best feature. No need to use long and annoying cords.

  • Kenny Point

    Hi Nathan, yes Amanda is the winner of the Troy-Bilt giveaway. I waited until I could reach her and obtain contact info before making it official. Will provide a more detailed post later today or tomorrow about the contest and the winner. Thank you to everyone who participated!

  • Congrats to the winner! BTW, When will be the next giveaway? I love this grass trimmer! Amanda is so lucky.

  • Kenneth Lawrence

    Nice tool! i wish i had one. 🙂 try to visit here also

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