Troy-Bilt Gas Trimmer Contest Winner

July 12, 2013

Thanks to everyone who read or commented on the recent post about the Troy-Bilt TB675 EC Trimmer. The review also featured a new grass trimmer giveaway and I am happy to share that the winner based on a selection by a random number generator is Amanda.

Amanda lives in Oregon where she recently purchased a new property in the country so the Troy-Bilt string trimmer will come in very handy for her as soon as it arrives. I hope that she enjoys it as much as I have over the past few weeks that I have been using this straight shaft string trimmer.

To recap the discussions, it was a close race to determine the favorite features of the TB675 EC grass trimmer as related in the comment sectionTrimmer-Giveaway of the previous thread. In the end the 4-cycle engine edged out the cordless engine starter as the favorite feature of the new machine.

There were also some great comments made regarding the advantages of this Troy-Bilt grass trimmer. Several readers pointed out the environmental advantages that a 4-cycle engine provides through less polluting emissions and a quieter running engine.

Shayne shared a great tip related to the routine maintenance of a gas trimmer:

“As far as tips on maintaining a gas trimmer, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of fresh gas when dealing with a small engine. Most common problems that you’ll run into with a trimmer’s engine can be avoided by only using fresh, clean gas, and you’ll get more power and easier starts, too. Plus, as a bonus, because it’ll burn more completely in the engine, there’s less pollution, too!”

Troy-Bilt offers similar advice on the importance of always using fresh gasoline in your gas powered outdoor equipment to improve both performance and longevity. I had noticed a sample of STA-BIL that came packaged with the grass trimmer that I received and an insert containing the recommendation to always use a fuel stabilizer to ensure that your fuel will remain fresh up to a year, compared to only a month or two without it.

Thanks again to everyone who read the Troy-Bilt grass trimmer review or left a comment for the contest, and congratulations to Amanda, the winner of a new TB675 EC Gas Trimmer from Troy-Bilt.

Disclaimer: Troy-Bilt provided me with a TB675 EC grass trimmer to review and is supplying a second unit to the contest giveaway winner. I received no other compensation and all opinions provided are my own. 

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  • Congrats! You’re a lucky winner Amanda! I’m looking forward to buy that tool. 🙂

  • Congrats Amanda! My cousin has a Troy Built Grass Trimmer. He’s really satisfied with it.

  • That’s a great tip from Shayne. I’m actually planning to buy this grass trimmer. Amanda is so lucky. Congrats! 🙂

  • Congrats for the Win Amanda. And short and great tip by Shayne.

  • Congrats! And I can tell you from experience these gas trimmers saves your arms, time and money. I bought me the exact same one after years of chopping and killing my arms with pain not to mention tendonitis and stiff shoulders. Its a great tool to use on shrubs and hedges too.

  • This grass trimmer is really interesting! I would like to try one. When will be the next giveaway contest?

  • Kenny Point

    April, I’m not sure when I’ll have another give away, check back here for the next one or sign up to the site’s RSS feed to be sure of receiving each post as soon as it goes out.

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