Royalty Purple Pod Beans

January 24, 2006

Royalty Purple Pod Beans are so incredibly attractive that you may find it difficult to stop admiring them long enough to eat them. These beautiful heirloom snap beans seem better suited for a table centerpiece than a dinner plate.

Even the photos don’t do justice to the deep, rich, purple color of Royalty Purple Pod Beans. The bush plants are not only ornamental, but also productive with large crops of delicious and stringless snap beans. This is a great choice for the beginner gardener and those desiring to add more color to their vegetable gardens or dinner tables.

As with most snap beans this variety is easy to grow, just follow the normal instructions for growing green beans. Application of nitrogen fixing bean inoculant to the seed at planting time will boost yields and help improve your garden’s soil.

Royalty Purple Pod BeansYou may be disappointed after cooking Royalty Purple Pod Beans, not because of their flavor, which is delicious, but by the fact that the pods lose all of their rich purple color when cooked and turn a pale green.

While snap beans are more commonly cooked before eating, picked fresh from the organic garden they are crisp, crunchy, nutritious, and pleasant tasting.

To really show them off and impress your dinner guests, add raw Royalty Purple Pod Beans to salads, place them on a relish tray alongside carrot sticks and celery, or use them as a colorful edible garnish.

If your garden space is limited and you prefer to grow vertically there are also purple heirloom pole bean varieties such as Purple Podded Pole and Trionfo Violetto that can be grown on a trellis or fence.

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