Mexican Sage

September 22, 2005

mexican sage imageMexican Bush Sage is an uncommon herb plant that can add plenty of interest and color to your fall landscape. I’m not aware of any medicinal or culinary uses for this herb, but I make sure that it’s growing in my garden every year for the showy display that it provides each fall.

I purchase a few plants in the spring and group them together in the herb garden or between rows of asparagus in my perennial vegetable bed. Mexican Sage will grow to a height of four to five feet and branch out to three or four feet in diameter.

The show begins in the fall when each branch of the plant produces spikes of small purple and white blossoms. Perfect timing to stand out amongst a fall landscape that’s usually limited in the amount of flowers and color that you typically find.

This herb is also deer resistant and will hold its blossoms throughout the fall season. So if you’resage blossom image looking for a great ornamental plant to decorate your fall garden try growing Mexican Sage next spring.

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  • Hi, Kenny, I am returning the visit. We grow tons of Mexican sage here on the central coast of California — it has such a pungent smell!

    Ironically, I am a terribly gardener. I say, “Bob gardens, I point.” But I’m a good cook, and so it balances out.

    You’re blessed to be a good gardener. I think I love blogging about farms because I am in awe of people who grow food.


  • I was just out enjoying the smell of my Mexican sage. It’s one of my favorite plants. Like you–I really don’t know anything else to do with it but enjoy its beauty. But, that pretty good.

  • Julie

    Hi Kenny, I live in LA and the Mexican Sages in my yard blooms throughout the warm season as long as it gets enough water and plenty of sun. Humming birds’ LOVE the flowers!
    They do get a bit boo big and messy at the end of the season, so I sheer it back to the ground every December at the same time I trim roses. Now in mid-march, its’ about 15″ high and probably start blooming again in a months or so.

  • Herbs are really useful in getting nutrients naturally, some of them have medicinal properties too.~:’

  • Mary Ann

    I would love to order some mexican sage. Could I get some info on how where to get some.
    Mary Ann

  • LeeAnn

    Hi Kenny. I live in Michigan. I am a HUGE fan of different kinds of sage. I want to know how well it grows in my zone. Any tips/ideas for me to get started, what to expect and where to find it?

    Thank You.

  • Kenny Point

    Sage will grow just fine in your region but I’m not sure that it will over winter for you. I’m in Zone 6 and sometimes my sage plants make it through the winter but some years the don’t. If it doesn’t survive through the winter then you can grow it as an annual by purchasing new plants each spring at your local greenhouse or nursery.

  • Jim

    I am still not clear, is Mexican Sage eadiable or not?

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