Manitoba Garden Forecast – Continued Cold!

August 22, 2007

It’s been a while since the last garden update from Manitoba, but our correspondent gardener sent one in a couple of weeks ago that I have to share with you.

This report is a little dated, and most of us don’t have these types of extreme conditions to contend with, but it always helps me appreciate warm temperatures when I read something out of Michèle’s Manitoba Gardening File:

It’s me… North of 56* – Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

Manitoba Garden BedsTo date this summer has been unusual to say the least. The snow finally disappeared in late May and we built six raised beds and proceeded to plant some seedlings as well as a variety of seeds.

Then, in mid-June the weather turned cold and we had frost in the evenings and unusual UV-Rays during the day, which burned some tender leaves of many plants. I lost half of the seedlings that were covered in the garden at night, as well as in the unheated greenhouse, it was sad.

Determined to Garden in Manitoba

Can’t let that stop me though and after the disaster and the installation of a small heater in the greenhouse, the weather became warmer and warmer and then unbearably hot for this area; makes one think, that the effects of global warming are already here.

Today while harvesting some chard I noticed huge holes in some of the leaves, there’s a critter in there. As well, while surveying the potato patch, I noticed that all the flower tops had disappeared then I located the culprits, two huge grasshoppers sunning themselves on the top leaves, no doubt with a full belly.

Canadian Grown Bugs and Broccoli

I have known this area since the seventies and never seen the likes of those two. Also, there are new ladies in town… “ladybugs” but not the red ones, these were brown as well as bright green (cute) but again new to this area.

I’ve attached some photos of the garden taken sometime in late June. The tiny green things you see, are now beautiful huge broccoli measuring about a foot and a half and in the centre, lovely budding little trees. Kids like them, especially here, where they have never witnessed a variety of growing vegetables.

Could you please advise me on what product I should use on the chard, broccoli and cabbages (red and green) to rid myself of these pests? Sounds like some of your friends have really long growing seasons… must be nice. Have a great day and I really enjoy the valuable information in your blog and your journal… Bye for now.

Michèle Trudeau – Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, Canada – North of 56*

In Appreciation of a Long, Hot Summer

Thanks for the report Michèle, I was sorry to hear about the tribulations in your garden but glad that you persevered through them. You’re right about the joy of having a nice long growing season. I’ll tolerate the heat and drought over summer frosts any day of the week! After realizing how short your growing seasons are, it will be difficult for me to ever complain about a hot summer day.

Manitoba Garden HelpersAs far as controlling the two gigantic grasshoppers that you discovered feeding on the potato tops, my recommendation for an incredibly effective organic control would be to round up those cute youngsters in the photo and go catch the critters!

Here’s the latest report on weather conditions last week in Manitoba: “The temp went down to +3c last night and we’re getting a cold front… Hopefully, there’s a warmer trend on the way.”

Yeah, right Michèle, keep on dreaming. My guess is that you’ll see snow long before the next heat wave hits Manitoba.

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