Latest Newsletter Airs Common Gardening Mistakes

May 5, 2010

The most recent issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter was delivered last week and it’s not too late to sign up for your own subscription and access back issues immediately, and future editions of the newsletter as they are sent out.

The April release focuses on gardening mistakes; from common ones that many gardeners make, to some of my own personal blunders, and wraps up with a collection of memorable bloopers gathered from the newsletter’s subscribers.

Seven Common Backyard Gardening Blunders

The featured article of the April newsletter touched on Seven Common Gardening Mistakes that cause backyard gardeners to:

  1. Unknowingly invite weeds into their garden
  2. Spend needless time stressing over bugs
  3. Make a big mess out of tidy gardens
  4. Go all wrong by treating soil like dirt
  5. Waste time and precious water resources
  6. Set their plants up for an early failure
  7. Cause damage by over tilling the earth

Gardening Memories I’d Love to Forget

I also shared a couple of my own embarrassing moments in the garden, including one that caused serious pain to a close friend, and another that has continued to provide family entertainment at my expense!

The newsletter concludes with results of a polling question regarding the biggest mistakes that the Gardening Secrets Newsletter subscribers made when they were just beginning to grow their own backyard vegetable gardens.

Readers Share their Own Gardening Bloopers

Hear the tales of woe regarding… planting too much in the garden, disastrous encounters with wildlife, the results of poor planning and garden prep, and how many new gardens suffer due to a lack of good information.

These passionate home gardeners also volunteered a list of bloopers that were embarrassing when they occurred but now can be laughed at and used to help you avoid a similar fate out in your own backyard garden.

So head on over to sign up for the Free Gardening Secrets Newsletter and read more about the things that can go all wrong out in the vegetable patch. You’ll prevent the same mistakes from happening in your garden and reserve your place in the front of the line to receive exclusive information and early announcements that are sent out each month to the newsletter subscribers.

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