Home Depot Garden Club’s Stretch Gardening Series

November 21, 2013

The Home Depot Garden Club has been running a series on “Stretch Gardening” featuring ideas to extend the gardening season and guess who was invited to chime in on the subject? Well that was easy and hard to refuse considering how much I enjoy stretching all of the limits out in my backyard garden.

I contributed an article outlining “Ten Ways to Stretch Your Gardening” and listed my favorite options for extending gardening activities throughout the seasons. From raising collards and kale that will grow almost year round, to tricks for extending the season for harvesting asparagus, and even activities that you can engage in throughout the coldest winter months.

Baby GingerTake a look at the article and others in the stretch gardening series that features ideas for building a cold frame, preserving fresh produce, plans for building a mini root cellar, tips for planting cool season edible plants, and more suggestions to help you get more seasons out of your own garden! I’m already planning to build one of the mini root cellars and the solar dehydrator that are featured HD Garden Club stretch gardening projects.

And welcome to any garden club members who are visiting here for the first time. If stretching the seasons is your objective you will find plenty of articles on this site to help you along the way. All of the ideas that were touched upon in my article are fully explored on this site, examples include:

Make yourself right at home and if you don’t find what you are looking for feel free to comment or ask questions below or via my email. Gardening has so many rewards to offer that there is no reason to ever let the weather conditions, climate, or your location stand in the way. A little creativity is often all it takes to stretch the garden far beyond what you may believe is possible or what you have experienced in the past.

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