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November 26, 2009

I know that I’ve been “missing in action” lately as far as posting articles, responding to comments, and managing the other activities around here and at the Gardening Secrets Newsletter, but it hasn’t been without good reason.

You see I just returned from a second adventure at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute. Yes, that’s the same organic farm that I visited and described earlier this year; so that should give you a good indication of how much I enjoy this particular island getaway!

Lots of Organic Gardening Fun under the Sun

VISFI-LandscapeOn this most recent trip, I had a great time, attended a Permaculture Design Certification Course, soaked up some sunshine, and took lots of pictures of organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and the tropical countryside. I also sampled a few new exotic fruits and took in sights that I missed on my previous visit.

It was nice to recharge my internal batteries before the winter sets in here in Pennsylvania. St. Croix was warm and pleasant despite the rainy season that delivered a little rain almost every night.

Shout Outs to Everyone at VISFI

Thanks to all my friends at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute for the usual hospitality; to Ben, Dyami, and Ethan for teaching the Permaculture Design Course; and to all the new friends that I made as we worked and studied around the farm, and played on the beaches and around town.

There will be more to share but first I have to get caught up on the email, commenting, and the November issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter. So have a great Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy a few of the hundreds of photos that were taken on the Island of St. Croix to whet your appetite until I can describe more of what I saw and did during my visit.












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  • Daniel

    Looks like one awesome holiday 😉 – i would love to holiday in a forest in the sun, and try out life living in one of those tree houses/huts – look so cool.

    Advanced Nutrients

  • Barbee

    Welcome home and Happy Thanksgiving. We missed you and we’re all glad you enjoyed your trip…but I must confess: tree house or hut dwelling does not appeal to me. LOL (All the room for Daniel!)

  • Kenny Point

    Hi Daniel, it was an awesome trip and the beaches are amazing in St. Croix. The bohio that is being thatched is actually a meeting place rather than a sleeping quarter and the cool tree house is pretty open to the elements and inhabited by crazy ants.

    Hey Barbee, thanks and I missed you too. The cabanas may be a little more to your liking, but I slept great and stayed comfortable and dry in my trusty tent that was pitched in a beautiful bamboo groove for the entire time that I was at VISFI.

  • Daniel

    Ok, maybe i will pass then on the tree hut then – the idea sounded cool to begin with 🙁

  • Ida Hunt

    Hey Kenny,
    Did you come across a vegetable in St. Croix called “Long Foot Cabbage”? It’s in the “greens” family, and is generally grown by cuttings. It’s delicious, but I’ve not come across it here, in the US, unless it is known by another name. Your pictures are gorgeous, and remind me of my youth. I grew up on a tiny, volcanic island in the Caribbean called Montserrat.

  • I just wondered how your organic vegetable growing and gardening in general is now progressing into 2010? Have you found the harsh winter has effected your garden in any way?

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