Gardening Secrets Newsletter August 2009

September 3, 2009

The latest issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter was sent out last week to all of the subscribers on my email list. If you didn’t receive your free copy you know what to do; just head on over and sign up for the newsletter while the August edition is still available.

Now Featured in the Organic Gardening Newsletter

The main focus this month is on growing sweet potatoes in the home garden. Rumors are put to rest about sweet potatoes being a difficult crop to grow. The newsletter also discusses the importance of keeping your seed stock disease free, and shares a new process that can clean-up sweet potato strains that have become infected.

The featured article also discloses that all sweet potatoes are not the same and that there’s a long list of heirloom varieties that you are not likely to have seen or tasted. Sources for quality sweet potato seed stock and tips for growing, curing, and storing the harvest are offered as well.

Gardening Tips, Tricks, and Reader Contributions

Gardening tips covered in the newsletter include an idea for extending the broccoli harvest and producing multiple heads from each plant with almost no additional effort on the gardener’s part. I also reveal time and labor saving techniques used to make irrigating the veggie garden a less involved affair.

Reader’s contributed some great suggestions of their own this month, including one gardener that introduces a strategy to speed seed germination, even for some of those difficult to germinate varieties. P.J. our very own “At Home Gardener” shared a homemade remedy that he uses to successfully control Powdery Mildew disease in the backyard garden.

Questions addressed this month include one from a gardener in Georgia searching for a good organic fertilizer and organic mulch to help improve a red clay soil and make it more hospitable to plant growth. Another inquiry requested information on the differences between “walking onions” and “multiplier onions” and whether one is any better than the other.

Changes and Improvements to the Gardening Secrets Newsletter

If you haven’t subscribed yet, or missed the latest issue; now is a great time to head on over and subscribe to the Gardening Secrets Newsletter. I have a number of surprises, improvements, and new features planned and ready to go into effect during the next few months.

There are over 12,000 subscribers enjoying the newsletter and slightly fewer than 4,000 readers on this website’s RSS feed. Thank you all very much for your contributions, for supporting the site here at Veggie Gardening Tips, and for subscribing and reading the Gardening Secrets Newsletter!

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