Gardening Secrets Newsletter 11-15-07

November 18, 2007

The November issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter has been published and distributed to all the gardeners on the subscription e-mail list.

The feature article for this month’s newsletter is a review of a selection of great gift ideas for the home gardener. Regardless of the budget or style of gardening engaged in, there are suggestions for choosing an interesting gift that will please anyone who loves to grow plants in the home or the garden.

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Tips covered this month include steps that you should be taking now to protect and maintain some of the borderline hardy edible plants and herbs to ensure that they make it through the winter months. There are also a few recommendations to help improve your successes with those plants that need to be brought indoors for their winter vacation.

If you had been patiently awaiting the arrival of a new issue of the newsletter, you weren’t alone. One subscriber’s inquiry regarding her missing gardening newsletters received a frank confession on my part, along with a couple of tips to help  make sure that you never miss an issue.

Additional Info in the Gardening Secrets Newsletter

Other topics discussed in this month’s newsletter include a charitable organization that provides assistance to the less fortunate by supplying them with knowledge, training, and the equipment necessary to use agriculture and gardening as a path towards self sufficiency.

A visitor to the Veggie Gardening Tips blog also shares an interesting account of how a six inch bay laurel plant matured into a full-sized tree that has withstood the outdoor conditions year-round in her northwest garden.

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