Garden Newsletter 04-06

April 29, 2006

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This month’s gardening newsletter features information about foraging the garden and backyard landscape to discover edible weeds and other wild plants that can be added to your dining menu.

There are delicious edible wild plants growing up all around you that can supplement your garden’s harvest, add an interesting and nutritious change of pace from traditional vegetables, or serve as a source of self-sufficient emergency food.

Gardening tips presented in the newsletter this month include secrets for identifying and selecting the healthiest transplants from your local greenhouse or garden center, and the best ways to avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to purchasing vegetable transplants.

The current Gardening Secrets Newsletter closes with a couple of questions from gardeners in Northern Idaho and Ontario, Canada. One related to a problem with a potato disease and natural methods for controlling Colorado Potato Beetles, the other question inquiring about using landscape fabric to control weeds in the vegetable garden.

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