Garden Newsletter 3-07

March 25, 2007

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This month’s feature article offers ideas and activities to inspire the home gardener to get that spring garden off to a great start. Hopefully snow is just a fading memory in your backyard, but you can read an interesting tidbit about what the fluffy stuff can reveal about the condition of your landscape and garden.

If ice and cold is far behind in your growing region then it’s finally time to pull out the garden tools and grab the seeds. But before you rush out and begin turning the soil, there’s one important caution detailed in this month’s newsletter that you’ll want to heed in order to protect the texture and tilth of your garden’s precious soil.

The newsletter also responds to a question regarding the use of landscape fabric and black plastic in the organic vegetable garden, and an inquiry about propagating fig trees from cuttings. Discover the secret about growing fig trees that your local nursery hopes you never learn!

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