Garden Newsletter 10-06

October 25, 2006

After a summer long hiatus the latest issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter has been e-mailed to everyone on the free subscription list.

If you did not receive your copy you can subscribe to the gardening newsletter at the following link: The newsletter will be published on a semimonthly basis over the winter months.

This month’s feature article offers an in-depth look at techniques for providing your garden with a fall tune-up that will protect it through the cold, snow, and deep freezes of winter. At the same time you will be energizing the soil to shake off winter and come to life just as soon as spring arrives.

This newsletter issue responds to questions regarding ideas for controlling groundhogs (something I had plenty of experience with this summer), harvesting shallots, and also highlights a comment from a gardener in England who sings the praises of an unusual leafy green vegetable that’s very popular in Italy but relatively unknown here in the U.S.

If you’ve read my gardening e-book or browsed the archives of this site you’ve already been introduced to this uniquely attractive heirloom vegetable. It’s one of my favorite ornamental edible plants and it’s also absolutely delicious. Discover the identity of this mystery heirloom by reading this month’s newsletter and make plans to grow it in your own garden next season.

So check your mailbox or stop by the Gardening Newsletter Subscription Page to subscribe and read the current issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter.

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