Garden Log 2-13-06

February 13, 2006

Winter Garden PhotoMy hopes for an early arrival of spring suffered a setback this weekend. Freezing temperatures and seven inches of snow have a way delivering a dose of reality to the vegetable gardener looking forward to spring gardening activities. It could have been a lot worse though, neighboring areas received three or four times the amount of snowfall that fell here.

In addition to shoveling snow, I did do a little work in the garden. I know you find that hard to believe considering the snow and cold, but I really did! Okay, the work was limited to brushing snow off of the cold frames and taking a peek inside, and while I was out there I did take a couple of photos to post.

The greens in the cold frames, especially the bright green kale plants look surprisingly good, considering I haven’t given them a bit of attention since they were planted last fall.

Winter Greens in Cold FrameSo I guess it’s back to browsing the vegetable seed catalogs and ordering a final few packets of heirloom seeds. I debated planting a few seeds of globe artichokes, celery, and leeks, but decided that I would wait another week or so.


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