Garden Log 11-7-05

November 7, 2005

fall garden imageThis past weekend was ideal for getting in a little fall gardening. Despite the calendar saying that it’s November, the temperatures were more like springtime. High temps reached into the seventies, while the lows were no where near freezing. Overall, weather conditions were about 25 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year.

Of course I spent part of the weekend out working in the garden and took a few new photos. All of the leafy greens continue to flourish and have finally been hit by frost, which only improves the flavor and enhances their sweetness.

In addition to the kale, collards, and mustard greens, the garden is highlighted by purple kohlrabi, red cabbages, Swiss Chards, brussel sprouts, and Pac Choi. Pansies, marigolds, calendula, Mexican Sage, nasturtiums, and a red ornamental sage decorate the garden with their bright flowers.

Over the weekend I set up a portable cold frame right in the garden to protect a patch of greens including: Giant Red Mustard, Mizuna, Wild Garden Kales, endive, and a couple of globe artichoke plants that were seeded late in the summer.
cold frame image
Some of the garlic seed, planted just three weeks ago, has started to push up leaf growth. While significant above ground growth isn’t desirable in the fall, I am happy to see that the seed has germinated and is off to a good start. Further evidence that the cloves are developing the healthy root systems that will support rapid growth as soon as spring arrives.

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