Garden Log 11-29-05

November 29, 2005

The leaves took longer to fall this year, but they’re finally down, except for one Japanese Maple out front. I spent part of the past weekend gathering them to use for next season’s compost.

I can’t say that I enjoy the raking and collecting, but it is satisfying to look over the huge piles that will soon be composted into a dark, rich, soil amendment for the garden.

It’s turned much colder here in Central Pennsylvania and we were greeted with an inch or two of snow on Thanksgiving morning.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, over the holiday my dad was giving me grief over my mom getting all the credit for introducing me to gardening. He’s a little jealous about it, and claimed that he was there digging up the ground so that I could plant my first gardens.

“Sorry dad, I honestly don’t remember that … I must have been too young to recall.”

But I do remember that when my garden outgrew the tiny backyard where we lived, my dad bought a home with a bigger yard and we moved out of the city so that I could continue gardening. So there you are … I want everyone to know that my father is responsible for me becoming the gardening guru that I am today. Thanks Dad!

The garden beds are still loaded with various leafy green vegetables. They’re weighed down and covered with heavy frost just about every morning, but thaw out and look good as new by noon.

A few more garlic shoots have emerged, but it’s now gotten cold enough that I don’t anticipate much more top growth until spring arrives. I’ll wait a few more weeks before I apply a thick mulch of shredded leaves to the entire bed of garlic and shallots.

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  • Mercedes

    hi, I am not sure if you take questions but i found your blog very educational. I just moved to Houston from the Caribbean and find myself caring for my first garden. AsI learn to take care of it my biggest concern right now is the fact that there are automatic sprinklers in the garden. They go off every other day at 2am. Should i change these during winter, how often and around what time should they water. The temperature here is about 50’s and it usually doesn’t get lower that 30’s.I would greatly appreciate some guidance. thank you

  • Hi Mercedes. I would adjust the sprinkler system. Every other day might be fine for your area during the hot summers, but is probably over doing it during the winter. I’m not very familiar with your weather, but I would guess that watering the garden once or twice a week would be adequate. Keep an eye on your plants, they’ll let you know if they’re not getting enough moisture. The time that you water isn’t critical but I would water around sunrise.

  • Mercedes

    thank you so much! i will try that

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