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July 25, 2007

Interested in a nice accent to enhance your backyard, patio, or deck? How about bringing an element of the great outdoors, indoors?

A new garden fountain may be just what you need to offer a decorative effect, along with the relaxing sounds of gently flowing water to any setting in the home or landscape?

Garden FountainThis article provides a basic garden fountain review for ideas on selecting an indoor or outdoor garden water feature, along with a few tips for avoiding costly mistakes when it comes to choosing a great garden fountain for your home.

Fountains, the Ideal Home & Garden Accent

Garden fountains come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Some are designed to stand right in the garden and provide an attractive focal point. Others can be incorporated into an ornamental landscape, mounted on an exterior wall of the home, or be situated on a patio or deck.

Indoor fountains can also be used in a variety of locations with various models designed for indoor wall mounting, use in an upright floor standing position, as a room divider, or smaller table top versions that will fit just about anywhere.

Deck FountainIn addition to providing an attractive accent to the home or landscape, fountains also offer tranquil relaxation with the soothing sounds of flowing water. It’s also surprising how well they can serve to drown out unpleasant background noises.

If you’ve been frustrated with the small discount fountains frequently carried in popular department and specialty stores, don’t give up yet. I’ve tried those also… been there and done that more times than I care to recount, but it was always just a short period of time before I ran into the same old problems.

Drawbacks of Discount Indoor/Outdoor Fountains

What started out as a relatively quiet pump usually didn’t take long to become irritatingly loud. Then there were problems with splash and splatter finding its way onto furniture, or other issues involving fountains that became clogged, covered with a buildup of residue, or required frequent cleaning.

These experiences soured me on the idea of maintaining a fountain despite how much I loved their appearance and function in the home. I didn’t have much luck with the outdoor garden fountains either.

The outdoor fountains that I tried just didn’t hold up to the constant erosion of water and exposure to intense sunlight and other outdoor elements. The results were garden fountains that were fine until the paint started peeling, pumps malfunctioned, or the fountain’s material simply crumbled and disintegrated over time.

Garden-Fountains to the Rescue

So what was my solution to these quality issues with my fountains? Well, I stumbled upon a fountain from Garden-Fountains and have been completely satisfied without experiencing any of those common problems from the past. They have a huge selection of just about anything that you could desire in the way of an indoor or outdoor fountain.

Indoor FountainThese fountains are available in a range of prices and styles, and are definitely constructed of high quality materials and built to last. My fountain is a floor-standing model that’s about 45 inches tall and 16 inches wide, it came complete with lighting, decorative stones, and has a beautiful green, slate-like appearance and finish.

Setup was simple, just attach the base and top to the fountain’s decorative main panel, connect the light and pump, spread out the colorful river stones, add water, plug the fountain in and you’re ready to enjoy the sights and sounds of a lovely fountain. My fountain is situated indoors but is also suitable for use on a deck or patio.

Fountain Maintenance and Upkeep

I purchased an extra bag of river stones from the craft shop to add to the ones that were supplied, but other than that the only thing that I’ve needed to do with the fountain is to occasionally top it off with water as the level drops. The use of distilled water to fill the fountain should help eliminate mineral deposits and reduce the need for cleaning.

After close to six months of use, so far there is no sign of any buildup or residue on any parts of the fountain and no cleaning has been necessary. Best of all the only sound emanating from the fountain is the cascade of water; the pump has remained both powerful and whisper quiet!

Wall FountainIf you desire the ambiance of an attractive and functional fountain in your home or garden, but want to avoid the headaches and disappointments, check out the huge selection of dependable and durable choices offered at Garden-Fountains.

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  • Great article. You are very right about the quality. I used to have a cheaply made fountain and it didn’t last very long. The next one I purchased was of better quality and it lasted a 10x as long.

  • Hey Kenny,

    Great article, agreed completely. Always go for the quality stuff.

    Have an awesome day!
    Dan & Jennifer

  • Another thing I like about having a fountain is that it oxygenates the water, so that if I have an associated pond there is no trouble with having to have pumps creating streams of air bubbles in the pond. I can grow fish or frogs there. Fish and tadpoles eat mosquito larvae, and frogs eat adult mosquitoes and anything else that they can swallow.

  • home stager

    As a home stager, I have come across with homes for sale that have fountain gardens but I was just wondering why properties with fountain gardens don’t quite sell as much. I know me and my real estate investor can do more than that. Anyway, thanks for the article. Im sure we can find something here to help us with our home staging business. By the way, if you want to become a home stager , feel free to drop by…Thanks again!

  • Great article. I’m a big fan of fountain gardens.

  • The sound of running water has the power to heal what is hurting in our souls.

  • Garden Fountains are great addition to any of your home garden setup.;:’

  • Garden fountains can really make the ambiance of your garden a 100 times much better.

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