Free $200 Home Depot Garden Club Giveaway

June 11, 2009

With summer looming just around the corner, today is the perfect time to get moving on that favorite garden or patio project that you’ve put off but would love to add to your backyard or landscape!

The Home Depot is ready and eager to help by offering you some great DIY ideas and all the resources needed to plan and create whatever home gardening project happens to catch your eye.

thd_gc-logoTo make things even easier, the Home Depot is teaming up with Veggie Gardening Tips to offer you a shot at winning a free $200 gift card that can be used to bankroll the backyard improvement that you’ve been dreaming about.

$200 Gift Card Giveaway Qualifications

To become eligible for the gift card all you have to do is use the following link to visit the Home Depot’s Garden Club and browse the selection of cool DIY projects that are on display. Once you spot one that would look great around your backyard, deck, or patio, simply return here to Veggie Gardening Tips and leave a comment below describing the project that you are longing to create!

home-gardening-projectIt’s that easy, and someone will walk away with a $200 gift card courtesy of the Home Depot and be on their way to adding a special new feature or improvement to their own backyard. So visit the garden club right now and then leave your comment below to qualify for this free give away.

The gift card winner will be chosen at random and selected on June 19, 2009 so be sure to get your comments in before then. Anyone can participate and visit the Home Depot Garden Club, but you must be a U.S. resident in order to qualify for the gift card.

Invitation to the Home Depot’s Garden Club

A few DIY projects that will be of special interest to the vegetable gardener include those covering; “Starting Veggies from Seed Indoors,” “How to Build a Raised Bed Garden,” and guidance on “How to Plant a Tree.” You’ll also find projects to help create lush lawns, care for flowers, entertain the kids, maintain garden equipment, and construct features that will make your backyard even more inviting.

raised-bed-garden-projectIn addition to the DIY plans in projects, did you know that you can get answers to all your outdoor questions within 2 hours at the Home Depot Garden Club? There’s also lots of valuable information about your growing region, gardening advice from pros, and updates on local gardening events.

Go on, head right over to the Home Depot’s Garden Club, then stop back here to submit your comment and qualify for the $200 gift card that will be given away. The winner will also be invited back to share their finished DIY project right here at Veggie Gardening Tips if they are interested in showing off their results. So good luck… and what are you waiting for?

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  • Alex

    I would love a $200 gift card. When I moved into my house years ago, there was nothing but landscaping fabric and gravel. I’ve added peonies and an herb garden, but I would love to have an actual lawn, so that would be the DIY project I would choose.

  • D’Ann

    I could definitely use that gift card! I’ve just relocated from Norfolk, VA to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and have a huge yard – with no garden. Being an old-school square-foot organic gardener from the late 70’s-early 80’s, I’m looking at all this yard and itching to plant. I’ve been hampered by illness, so far this year, but have just started planning out where my first two raised beds will go, and what vegies and greens will go in them. I also need to set up a compost heap, and put a pergola over the concrete patio my landord is finishing for me. Gonna do some planting in containers, too. It’s too early for cool crops, yet, and a bit late for some vegies, but I’ve still got time to put some things in the ground for this year.

    The first thing is to build those raised beds, centered inside existing flower borders that only have daylillies around the perimeters. And to find a source for organic oleander – I need two plants that have never been sprayed, asap!

  • Katrina G.

    I would like to do the “Building a Picnic Table” for our backyard. Or should I say I’d like my husband to do it?!

  • I would like to choose at least half of the projects but I’m going to give up the aesthetics of my living room and start some plants from seed next spring. My only concern is hardening them off once they are moved outside. It seems like the ring toss is also very doable and easily moved to any portion of the yard or to take on picnics.

  • Great contest! There are two projects I could easily complete with a $200 Home Depot gift card that I saw on the list. First would be laying landscape fabric on my garden paths and covering with gravel to keep weeding down to a bare minimum there. Second would be to construct 3 more raised beds to expand my vegetable growing space.

    Appreciate this opportunity!

  • jacqueline

    what a surprise to get your newsletter. anyway, i have been wanting to add a path or two around my property. wanted one down to the ducks, and one that wraps around the back of my property for a little walk. it’s wet in the back, and overgrown with beautiful golden rod, and i thought adding a little bridge, and some stepping stones might be a nice touch for a meditative walk out back.

    well, that’s what i would like to do.

    rabbits… i bought 1 inch chicken wire this year. last year i replanted three times because of the rabbits. i had rabbit fence, and had no problems till last year. the baby rabbits fit right through the rabbit holes. agway folk told me i need 1 inch chicken wire. still have not planted yet, seedlingsin the my portable green house, but the chicken wire is up. i have mesh for the deer, and the rabbits chew right through that.
    as soon as we get some sun, it’s been raining lots here in the new york catskills, i will get my seedlings in.

    well, that’s it for now. and thanks for your newsletter.


  • Shanna Powell

    Great Contest! I just purchased (4) Thompson’s grape plant and have never grown grapes before. I could use the $200.00 gift card to start an area to plant the grapes. I am very excited about them, and want to make Jam when I have enough and be able to pick them from the vine and enjoy. My garden is fairly large so, I will have to place them just outside the garden area and need some type of Venue for them to run. I love your website and the news letter. Any ideas on growing grapes would be great. Thanks for sharing with us who garden.

    Shanna ;o)

  • Scott Rogers

    With my generous $200 from Home Depot, I would tackle the PAVER STONE project. We have a number of places (or shortcuts) in our property that could use a brick path to traverse. We have some simple stepping stones now, but I goofed in placing them at my walking stride and NOT MY WIFES step distance. Please pick ME to help save my marriage!
    Phoenix, AZ

  • I would like to completely redo my back yard, add some trees and a picnic table and some flower and garden beds. I love working outside and this is my fun time. I love your website and the newsletter. Thanks for sharing.

  • Diana

    What a wide variety of projects! I would love to create an island bed in the front yard. If I grow taller plants and some flowering shrubs, I think it would provide some privacy. The gift card would certainly help get that project started. There seems to always be an abundance of tasks to be accomplished in the garden. I have found that if I concentrate on one at a time, I tend to accomplish more. Right now I’m concentrating on an island bed. Thanks.

  • $200 is a lot of money that can be used to buy new tools, more seeds, supplies for containers and raised beds….great deal.

    Mike the Gardener

  • Oh wow – $200 would totally help out with my garden. I’ve already put in 4 of the raised beds like they show on the HD site, and have a feeling I’ll need to put in more. Our yard (new construction two years ago) has such HEAVY HEAVY clay that even after all the ammending of the soil, the compost and manure I’ve worked in, etc – anything that gets planted directly into the ground runs the risk of drowning after several days of heavy rains. I almost lost my tomatoes a couple weeks ago. I figure I might have to replace more of my in-ground veggie bed with raised veggie beds, which are doing SO much better!

  • Bob

    I could definitely use a $200 gift card as I have added another veggie garden to my existing two. With the economy as it is, I hope to have enough extra to give away where needed- neighbors, food bank and community dinners. Hopefully the rain will stop and we will see the sun again.

  • Nan

    Creating a garden bed is one of the top projects for me. I have too much grass, which takes too much energy and time for little payback. I intend to add veggies, berries, herbs, and chickens so anything that would help me get started on this huge, long-term project would be welcome!

    Thanks for all the wonderful information you offer here!

  • mel

    I am planning on putting together something similar to the ‘starting veggies from seed indoors’ kit soon. I have been waiting for the items to hit the clearance rack to buy them since I won’t get started til next grow season anyway.

  • Rebecca

    I’m an apartment dweller with an enormous porch, so I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on my embarrassingly large container garden. I would love to make the storage bench–it would be a perfect way for me to hide away my gardening tools (currently piled in a corner of the porch) and have a nice seat, to boot!

  • Sarah Clark

    I have put in new sod this year but what I am really longing to do is train a vine over an arbor!!!

  • jane b

    We have a few leaky gutters, and instead of replacing them all, I may now look into repairing them. Why the sudden interest in something so mundane as gutters? Because they are an integral part of the new rainwater collection system I want to build in my garden!

  • jane b

    I just discovered this website and all I’ve got to say is WOW! I subscribe to a lot of gardening newsletters and forums, and this one is very thorough and easy to navigate. I’ve been gardening for many years, but we have a lot of beginners in our extended family. Links for all!

  • Josh

    “build a storage bench” would be pretty neat. Putting some garden tools actually close to the garden would just make so much sense. Not only that but it could be used to just sit and enjoy thee beauty of the garden!

  • Berkley

    While my backyard is beautiful, and my porch is filled with containers of veggies, my backyard is pretty much a dirt pit. I would love to lay down ‘pavers in sand’ to create a little sitting area and then get some grass and flower/veggie beds set up back there.

  • Lisa

    Last fall we added on a bedroom for my niece who came to live with us until she graduates HS. In the process I lost my patio. We are wanting to put in a paver patio this summer. I am so looking forward to early Sat. mornings on a new patio with a new patio dining set, a hot cup of coffee, a good book and three teenagers sleeping till noon. $200 would be a big help in this project cost.

  • Patty Short

    I have been dreaming of a installing a brick paver patio and just reviewed “Installing Pavers in Sand”. Winning the $200 gift card would give my husband the incentive and “kick start” that we need to dive into this project and make my dream come true.

  • I love the “raised garden bed” project. I have a smaller yard and three dogs. Every year I try to grow a few tomato plants with little success, the dogs usually trample them. I’ve looked at raised garden kits online and they’re quite expensive. With $200 to Home Depot, I’d have enough to not only build my own raised garden bed but invest in some extra shrubs and plants to spruce up my plain backyard, as well as some fencing to keep the canines out of my tomatoes.

  • Kate W

    I am in the process of building a fence around my large and ever expanding garden, so I’d like to have an arbor over the entrance with vining flowers (perhaps moonflower?). So the “Training a Vine Over an Arbor” has all the info I need to get started!

  • c

    Well I loved the kids table, but I would have to go with the arbor and vines. I could love to have something like that at my front door…as long as it didn’t attract too many bugs.

  • Michelle Freshwater

    I’d love to have a raised garden bed, but I also think the pavers would make a great place to enjoy the produce from the garden! Of course, any of those projects would go a long way toward making our new house a comfortable and attractive home.
    Thanks for asking!

  • kimberly

    i would love to start seedlings indoors and $200 would be a good start for that plus more! i turned under approx. 1/3 of my front yard four years ago and started a veggie garden, it is shared with family and friends. it’s very rewarding to see the results of playing in the dirt! it would be much more affordable to start my own seed instead of buying plants. i have bookmarked your site for future questions. thanks for being there!

  • I’d love to build that bench/planter. That looks pretty sweet and my garden could definitely use something like that!

  • $200 would go a long way toward creating a two story greenhouse addition to the southern wall of my home. As we are zone 7a we are able to grow most warm weather plants, but we would like having safe harbor for tropical food bearing trees and shrubs (not to mention the two HUGE sago palms I got from Home Depot 5 years ago could actually go in the ground!) The yard is mostly garden now (also thanks to H.D.) and maintains itself, but construction aimed at adding unique beauty to our home, virtually bringing the garden indoors, would be a great step out of the ordinary for our suburban jungle paradise.

  • Oh, I would definitely choose laying a garden path if I were to win the gift card! I have a patio and arbor in the back corner of the yard and no way to get there without walking across the lawn. A path of paver stones, in a rustic style, would be wonderful!

  • Barbee

    I built the featured “Island” DIY project last Spring! But I have a great tip!

    Later, in the fall, when your annuals have expired, ADD BULBS!
    YES! This project allows for one to plant Spring bulbs later in the year. I planted all manner of tulips, daffodils hyacynths and crocus. When they came up this Spring it made an awesome display. I have just recently gone and added my annuals around the fading foliage of the flowers and it looks great again.

    If you do this, be sure to include evergreens and maybe a small Japaneese Maple as well and you will have a true 4 seasons island! A great project and truly rewarding. Do It! Do It! Do It!

    My next project is a garden path linking my back door to my raised bed(s) vegatable garden. I’d also like to add arbors arching across (linking the beds) so I can allow by green beans, peas and baby pumkins to climb on. I think that would not only look elegant but increse my growing space as well!

    Good luck to everyone who commented w/ their great ideas.

  • Sharon

    We are working on an organic garden, first time beginners with growing veggies and definitely need some help. I am not sure if our tomatoes are staked correctly and think we need stakes for our cuke plants too. The $200 gift card would be great to help us do the garden right.

  • Ciocia Millis

    This summer I am committed to remaking my mother’s backyard. A $200 gift certificate to Home Depot would be a huge blessing. I really think “laying landscape fabric” would be a huge help in the transformation.

  • Maggie

    I’m currently buying a house, so all of those projects look great! It is hard to decide what to do first. I’d have to choose between raised beds and a garden path. This year I think I’d start with a garden path.

  • Kathleen

    I’d love to pave our dirt driveway. This DIY projects describes how to lay pavers into sand.

    I’ve seen some beautiful DIY labyrinth designs, using different colors of pavers. That would be quite an eye catcher!

  • MFree

    Yea for giveaways! My husband and I have been slowly re-landscaping our lot since we moved into the house 2 years ago. We still have a few large ticket items planned such as new back stairs and a new wood fence BUT the one planned for this summer is a back patio area with a firepit! We have a vision of stone pavers with a stacked stone pit. Given that we’d definitely find assistance with the installing of pavers. Thank you!

  • Theron

    I love the idea of a tree ring…I think it could definitely help complete some other elements that we are trying in the back yard.

  • Adrian Batterman

    I have just put in 2 green houses in my back yard and would love to start growing veggies. I would also like to have a beautiful yard of grass. Soil has a lot of clay in it so it makes it hard to grow things.

  • I would LOVE to have an arbor. I’d like to be able to grow passionfruit but that wouldn’t work where I am, so I’d settle for grapes or hardy kiwi. An arbor would be lovely – as would a $200 gift card to Home Depot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Keri-Ann

    Ooohhh, the kids craft table is so cute! I really need to build the storage bench though… but I guess with $200 I could do both! 🙂

  • I would love to make the storage bench! I need a place to keep my tools out in the garden.

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to get big containers for my portable frequently moving garden.

  • Stephanie

    I would like to do the “build a kid’s table” project. We are in our first home and with our son just getting to the age where he loves to play outside, this would be the perfect project.

  • The arbor project sounds vert lovely.

    I have climbing roses that would delight in having a home made just for them. The arbor would also add an extra visual appeal to my back yard gardens.

    I teach anyone ( free of charge ) who is interested in learning how to garden in a sustainable fashion. The arbor would be a great addition , both for beauty and as a project to encourage others to try.

    PS: Even if I don’t win the gift card…I’ll still do the project.

    Thanks and happy gardening~

    Bea Kunz

  • Mary

    I too would like the $200 gift certificate. I have been growing vegetables in containers for some years now and would like to expand to a raised bed. That is the do-it-yourself project that really appeals to me.

  • I’d use the gift card to create 3 more raised beds for my vegetable garden. Or I’d work on creating some kind of barrier to stop the dang squirrels eating all my veggies! Darn rodents!

  • Barbee

    (I already commented-so this doesn’t count)

    When you visit the Home Depot site, be SURE to join the “Home Depot Garden Club”! I did last year and if you like advance notice of special sale pricing and COUPONS… as a club member you are gifted w/ periodical mailings (snail mail) w/ all kinds of juicy stuff. I, myself, am a coupon NUT and I love that added benefit.

    Thank You both, Kenny and Home Depot for affording us this fantastic opportunity. Sincerely, Barbee

  • Tammy

    I need several projects to make my garden more productive. The two biggest are fencing to keep out the deer, and raised beds. Our soil is so full of rocks, it’s hard to plant anything here, and raised beds would be a Godsend. Our family needs to stretch our food budget as far as possible, and planting a garden helps so much in the summer with the grocery bill! Thanks for the contest!

  • Denise

    I am a first-year gardener and love to install some raised beds for next years veggie garden. But first, I still need a variety of good tools and organization items. I am so pleased with the Garden Club website to help with ideas and get good information on how to be successful in my new hobby!

  • What a great site! As an apartment dweller on a fixed income, I would use the $200 on soil, containers, seeds and plants. Growing my own food would help reduce my grocery bill!

  • Louise

    I’ve been working on gardens in the back of the house but am finally ready to show the rest of the world my gardening efforts. I think it’s going to be the island bed…

  • Heather

    I would love to do the “Building an Island Bed.” i have several areas of patchy grass that I’m hoping to tear up and replace. An island bed would be a great opportunity for me to add some small fruit trees into my garden.

  • Shakti

    The DIY project from Home Depot Gardening Club that was ideal for my yard was the “Preparing a Garden Bed” plan. I would actually modify the project to border the lawn between the grass and the fence on three sides (instead of within the lawn somewhere). Currently the border is filled with an assortment of weeds and other unwelcome various invasive species of plants. I would love to replace the weeds with an orderly garden of vegetables and herbs.

  • Brenda

    I would like to have the $200.00 Home Depot gift card for the purpose of adding more edible plants to my landscape and split it with my husband who loves flowers and plants. We would like to fence our space also, so it would come in handy.The state came through our living room, so we relocated and have a new home, we are working to get it landscaped and it takes time and money we don’t have, I would also like a water feature of some kind, Thanks and take care!

  • We’d definitely go for the pavers project if we won.

  • We have a couple of good sized trees that could use tree rings around them! Some nice hostas and maybe some of that trendy hakone grass would be perfect!

  • I would love to work on my walkway to my gazebo. It was never installed properly and really needs to be completely redone.

  • Maurene

    Thank you for providing such a wealth of gradening information. This is our first year for our organic vegetable garden. I am excited about growing heirlooms and have learned that you must start from seed in order to have a good variety. Our home does not have good lighting to start seeds and we were not at all successful. I would like to invest in growing lights to help.

  • bianca zaugg

    I would love to add to my backyard garden. I would love blackberry bushes and lilacs. Have vegetable garden and herb, and container gardens. Would also like to start an irrigation system.

  • Laurel N.

    I’m definitely going to follow the instructions on how to build a raised garden bed. My backyard used to be nothing but concrete and gravel, but now that I’m starting to really get into gardening I’d like to make something a little more permanent than a vegetable area roped off with yarn (luckily my 4 dogs have left the area alone!).

    Love this blog by the way 🙂

  • Stephanie H.

    I chose the “Preparing a Garden Bed” DIY project. I will be starting my garden in August at my new home. The tip about using landscape fabric to discourage weeds was great! I will be sure to do that. I am so excited, I can’t wait to get started. $200 from Home Depot would really help as I will be like the typical first time homebuyer, flat broke!

  • Naomi

    I would choose the “Starting Lawns from Sod in 10 Easy Steps” DIY project. Our lawn has become ruined due to a disease and it looks awful. No matter what we have done, it won’t improve, so sod looks like our best option.

  • David Hamilton

    I want to add a raised bed garden for veggies right outside the kitchen door, with a cold frame to extend the growing season. I love the taste of fresh food!

  • Theresa DellaRosa

    I love the raised planting beds project, that may be the solution I have been looking for. Those pesky rabbits have been stealing my lettuce all season.

  • Janet Crit

    I want to put in a raised bed/tree ring underneath a large tree in my largest island bed. We have been pricing stone and all I can say is “ouch”

  • Thanks to the economy our backyard has been dubbed as our vacation. Actually I am thrilled with this idea. For years we have been trying to create our own oasis. As our family is getting older so are our outside needs. Our kids love to be in the kitchen just as much as I do so of course we have tried to create a veggie garden, too many creepy crawlers have crushed that attempt. So our next project is an herb garden. That would be our project, I love the pathway that is on the Home Depot website and would love to have a pretty path leading to our herb garden.

  • marti seegmiller

    I’m hoping to talk my husband into installing a garden path from our garage to our deck. Our dogs have worn quite an unsightly path in our grass and we need to do something to fis it. Thanks for your helpful website.

  • Barbara

    I want to plant around my picket fence and inter-mingle flowers with vegtables and herbs. I like the idea of a multipurpose space.

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  • David Ongemach

    I recently purchased 2 acres on Lake Eufaula, Eufaula, Alabama and wish to make a garden path down to the water’s edge which will be wide enough for a tractor mower as the lower land needs to be cut….
    In the middle of the acre to the water front is a tall berm, and a running creek which needs to be crossed with a bridge and then ramp down to the lower level.

    We need suggestions as to what to put on top of landscape fabric that will “hold” in strong winds and rain, yet hold gravel? mulch? or ???? on which to be able to walk and travel with the mower.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as it will entire edging of the path as well as the structure for the bridge over the creek.

    Any ideas?

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  • After seeing the island bed I would really love to brighten up my garden area with some grasses and flowers.I believe it would give a more peaceful look and feel to our small garden.
    Any suggestions on grasses that would fit in well in the midwest?

  • Kenny Point

    Sorry Rebecca, but I’m more of an edible plant kind of gardener and outside of lemongrass and rye grass I’m clueless, but maybe someone else around here can offer you some suggestions on ornamental grasses for your area.

  • Rebecca, my hubby has added native grasses to our farm and it certainly adds a spark that otherwise is missing.

    We found the best source for all of our informational needs was our states archives.

    Once on the states website it should direct you to the area your are searching for.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Would love to know what you decide on and the results.

    Bea Kunz
    Sage Hill Farms

  • deborah todd

    How do I sign up for the$200 gift card giveaway? Also, HOw do I get my BOGO coupon?

  • deborah todd

    I am very interested in container gardening ie… whiskey barrels and very large pots. I’ve had great success with many vegetables, especially tomatoes and with many flowering plants, especially geraniums; however some plants never make it! I was wondering if there is a “rule of thumb” about container gardening!


    I would love to build a few raised beds in my back yard to grow herbs. I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs and grow a large vegetable garden!

  • mary

    Oh my! I would do some amazing hanging baskets. Plant an herb/vegetable garden . . .and if there was any money left, well I adore fountains 🙂

  • Jodiann

    I would love to build some raised beds this year and I would love a fountain as well!!

  • marsheree owens

    My back yard is all my kids have to play in.I would fix it up with green grass and add life with flowers so me and my kids have a place to enjoy.

  • V pinnix

    I am interested in growing vegetables at home, and also using my backyard to teach children and church members how to grow food organically. I love the outdoors,and working the garden relaxes as well as provides plenty of exercise.

  • barb saltys

    I would love to win $200 put in some stepping stone for a easy walking and put in a vegetable garden as buy vegetable ae getting very expensive at the store and I could share with neighbors as I already do with citrus

  • beth Collins

    im trying to learn how to start a vegetable garden at my home, I own my own land. i think we all need to learn how to garden the way our granparents did. My goalis to start a vegetable garden and plant fruit trees, this way I can my vegetables, make my own sauses and my own jams/perserves. I want to live a healthier life and get away from fast foods and perservatives. I am on disablities so the $200.00 would help me start my garden. thanks for giving me a chance!

  • I would love to have a pond or a water feature in my back yard near my swing and vegetable garden.

  • M Houlihan

    I have a hill that I hate to mow in my front yard right before I get to my sidewalk I would love to make a stepped garden and never again deal with my mowing nightmare.

  • Sharon Hildreth

    I would love to get $200 gift card. I plan on making a raise vegetable garden so my 90 year old mother & I can eat from our own garden. The vegetables in stores don’t taste as good as you own homegrown ones. I just finished landscaping my backyard with flowers, I ran out of money to get all tools and supplies I need. I plan on planting greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs in my garden. Since this will be my first one I want to start small then grow larger.

  • Jo

    I have been a long time gardener going around to other peoples properties just so that I will have enough gardening to do through out time. I have a garden my own, but it is not enough to keep me busy. I am always looking for more to do. The $200.00 would make it easier for me to have the garden of my dreams. I share my vegetables with my neighbors on my block plus anyone who would enjoy a fresh taste of the garden. I hope you would consider me for the prize.

  • Kim

    I have a spot all set for a vegetable garden, can’t wait to plant! I would also like to add some basic landscaping to the front of the house. I’ve been a homeowner for 1 1/2 years and look forward to lots of outdoor projects!

  • jimmy

    i would love to have the $200.00 gift card,i would use it to plant my tomatoes to build a flower bed to make our place look like something.

  • Dan

    I have a 20×60 fruit/vegetable garden that my brother and I have been tending since last year as a learning process. This year we’re starting out strong and have learning a lot in just a year of reading and experience. The one thing we lack however is a good system for composting. Currently our compost system is to literally toss our kitchen scraps like banana peels, egg shells, etc right out the window into the garden. We’ve been interested in using an actual composting bin in sometime but we don’t really know how to go about picking one that can get the job done and is also sensibly priced.

  • Jerelyn

    I have recently had to cut down two Wisconsin pine from my front yard. Now it looks bare. Ineed to find hedges, plants like elephant ears or something to make it look better I need the grass to grow where the trees were and one of the stumps I can’t get rid of . Please Help any suggestions welcomed

  • Liz

    A lovely garden path accented with the scent of fresh growing herbs and flowers; Ah, serenity!

  • I would love to have the 200. gift card.I want to make a little pool for my ducks and plant some plants around it.-they would love it-I also want to make some raised beds for my plants. I am on a very limited income so its difficult to get thing I need for the progects.I love your columbs.

  • We just had our 4th baby and we need to build a great veggie garden in order to cut down on expenses. This $200 would be great.

  • I want to do more container gardening, both flowers and vegatables. I need some good advice. Thank you

  • Shirley Brown

    I love gardening and shop Home Depot every chance I get. I would love to win the 200.oo to install an arbor with roses. I plan to put a fountain in too.

  • dottie dowling

    Our family enjoys outdoor activity with frriends and family. I would enjoy building an outdoor firepit with rock seating around the pit. I could then landscape around this area to make it even more pleasing for guests. Needless to say a win of $200 would go a long way toward this project. Thanks, Dottie

  • dottie dowling

    This would be a great oppertunity to beautify our 1 1/2 acre yard and wouldcertainly be an additional chance to maske our area more pleasing to neighbors and visitors.

  • Patty Jurecko

    We have been slowly working on our year for the past 7 years since we got married. Everything in our yard id from Home Depot. I would love to win the $200 gift card to help with getting our lawn in shap, we have alot of creeping charlie in our lawn and have been trying to figure out how to get rid of this. We also could use it for our vegetable garden because we love to have fresh vegetable to eat and freeze. We have been working on the flower beds, deck, firepit patio. It has been a labor of love and as I love gardening. This would certainly help with our gardening duties. Thank You. Patty J

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