Finally Rain, Sweet Rain for the Garden!

July 30, 2007

Well, I guess all it took was a little talking it up to finally get a decent deluge of rainfall on the garden’s raised vegetable beds.

Water has been a major topic of conversation on this website over the past few days; with the recent Fountain Review and the Newsletter’s focus on irrigating the garden.

Rain… Long Time No See

But in reality rain has been noticeably absent form the forecast and the garden for much of the spring and summer months. I wouldn’t label it as a drought because we have had a little rain from time to time, but overall it’s been so dry that I haven’t needed to mow the lawn more than a few times the entire season.

Rain Soaked Veggie PlantsWell there was a drastic change in the weather yesterday evening as the sun set and a heavy rainfall passed through the area. And not just rain, but also a good old-fashioned thunderstorm; complete with window rattling thunder, blinding flashes of lightning, and a deep, soaking rainfall.

Who Needs Fireworks?

The garden appreciated the storm, and so did I. I’d prefer watching a fierce thunderstorm over a fireworks display any day of the week, including the fourth of July. I did just that last night as I viewed the awesome sights and sounds from under the shelter of the front porch.

Yesterday’s storm was one of those that gets the weatherman excited, triggers Super Doppler alarms, and scrolls flood warnings across the bottom of TV screens. But is it just me or does it seem as though they just don’t make thunderstorms like they used to?

Are Thunderstorms a Thing of the Past?

I don’t see this type of storm pop up as often as I used to recall them, and when they do occur they don’t seem to be as intense. So is it just my imagination? Or is it a local phenomenon with distant regions and states receiving their normal share of electrifying thunderstorms? Inquiring minds would like to know!

In the meantime there’s hot and steamy weather forecast for the rest of this week with temperatures expected to be in the nineties and more thunderstorms on tap as well. We’ll see; more rain will be welcome though, even if it does mean discovering what it’s like to mow the grass again.

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  • We received our fireworks this past Sunday. We definitely needed it.

  • It’s great that you’ve had rain. Here in Minnesota, we’re in a drought situation. The only rain we’ve had has been in the form of thunderstorms – fast and furious, dropping 1/2-1″ in as little as 15 minutes. Since the ground is so dry, the rain from these storms mostly runs off. What we could use here – and what we haven’t had since May – are a few nice, soaking 8-hour rains.

  • Kenny Point

    We had rainstorms again last night, this time there was less thunder and lightning, and more of the slow, steady rain that really soaks in.
    Tracy, I hope that soaking rains find their way to MN and provide relief from the drought conditions very soon.

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