Enjoying a Brief Vacation from Gardening

July 8, 2008

I’ve been away from the vegetable garden for a spell and just returned from a trip out to Washington State. It was my first time visiting the Northwest and I saw awesome sights, made new friends, and had a chance to explore remote areas of the San Juan Islands.

If you noticed that your comments weren’t being moderated or that those pressing gardening questions weren’t answered in a timely manner that was the reason why. I’m back home now; still unpacking and slowly getting things in order, but will soon resume my normal routine here at Veggie Gardening Tips. Fortunately the weather cooperated while I was away and there was plenty of rain to keep the garden growing and green during my venture out west.

Washington State is a great place to visit or vacation and before now I had no idea that there was a group of islands hidden just off the coast. Canada and Vancouver Island, British Columbia are also nearby and within sight of Lopez Island where I camped out.

I spent time hiking, kayaking, and watching the wildlife that inhabits the area. There were plenty of curious seals, otters, deer, eagles, and sea lions around, but I didn’t spot any of the orcas swimming around in Puget Sound during my visit. I got used to “island time” pretty quickly and my favorite hangouts were Shark’s Reef, Iceberg Point, and Brady Beach.

The trip was actually kinda/sorta gardening related in an unusually dank and murky manner that you may find interesting and that I will share with you in an upcoming article. Until then consider this riddle; what type of plants are wild but edible, cold-blooded, slippery, nutritious, and can be extremely valuable back home in the organic vegetable garden?

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  • Took me a minute, but the answer must be seaweed!

    (My first thought was purslane, but it’s not valuable to any gardener who has to keep yanking it out.)

  • I also vote for seaweed.

  • Yep, I’m saying kelp.

  • Nancy

    Kingston, Washington used to be the headquarters Of Herronswood Nursery, founded by Dan Hinkley and world famous for its unusual plants. He moved his nursery to the old Burpee Fordhook farm, which is, I believe, in your home state now. Check it out!
    Also The Pacific Northwest is a good destination for gardening tourists. There is the Arboretum in Seattle near Lake Washington, and Red Butte Gardens In Victoria, Vancouver Island (actually in Canada) to name a couple.

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