Controlling Garden Slugs

December 21, 2005

If you’re struggling with unsightly holes and mysterious damage to your plants, controlling garden slugs in the area may be the solution to the problem. Slugs appear at dusk and work throughout the night feeding on their favorite garden plants such as lettuce, cabbage, and Swiss Chard.

Interested in finding a natural solution for controlling garden slugs? Rather than allowing slugs to drive you to drink, begin your damage control efforts by tempting them with a swig of plain old fashioned beer.

For some strange reason garden slugs are attracted to the drink, and given the opportunity, they will happily drown themselves in their pursuit of this common beverage. Don’t waste money treating them to fancy imports because cheap domestic varieties, or even non alcoholic brands, will do just fine for controlling garden slugs and snails.

Shallow containers sunk into the garden soil can be used to both serve and trap these slimy garden pests. Another option is to purchase specially designed slug traps from organic suppliers such as Gardener’s Supply Co.

These commercial slug traps are inexpensive and provide the advantage of keeping the suds covered and protected from the elements. This allows the intoxicating bait to remain fresh and to continue attracting slugs and snails in the garden over a longer period of time.

If you prefer not to purchase or use beer, some gardeners substitute ordinary grape juice instead. Gardener’s Supply also carries all-natural, non-toxic slug baits that can be used in your traps to rid your garden of destructive slugs.

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  • Lisa

    I think that slugs don’t like copper, so you might try putting copper coins around your plant, yes, those one cent pieces. I heard that works. That would be the most inexpensive method but I am sure you can buy copper fencing at your local gardening center. That advice was in a “Canadian Garden” magazine, May 2004, page 22, if you want to verify….

  • The post about controlling garden slugs is very useful information for gardeners like me

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