Congrats to Home Depot DIY Garden Project Winner

June 21, 2009

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent Home Depot Garden Club promotion. I’d also like to thank Home Depot for making the contest possible.

The lucky winner of the $200 gift card is Brenda Brown of Shongaloo, Louisiana.

New Edibles and Ornamentals Coming to the Brown’s Landscape

Brenda’s name was selected at random and she has some great plans for the Home Depot gift card as described in the comment that she posted to enter the contest:

“I would like to have the $200.00 Home Depot gift card for the purpose of adding more edible plants to my landscape and split it with my husband who loves flowers and plants. We would like to fence our space also, so it would come in handy.”

“The state came through our living room, so we relocated and have a new home, we are working to get it landscaped and it takes time and money we don’t have, I would also like a water feature of some kind, Thanks and take care!”

You’re very welcome Brenda, and you are also invited to return and share the results of your handiwork right here after you have completed all of your new planting and landscaping. I really enjoyed hosting the contest and reading all the comments of ideas and plans for the various backyard DIY projects.

The Most Wanted Home Depot Backyard DIY Garden Projects

Close to seventy guests participated in the contest and the most coveted Home Depot DIY garden projects were; building a raised bed garden for growing vegetables, laying fabric or pavers for garden paths, constructing an arbor to train fruits or vines, and the island garden bed project. I think I will take on the arbor and island bed DIY projects myself.

There were also some great tips and ideas submitted along with your comments. Kathleen suggested combining different colored pavers to create a unique and eye-catching pathway. Barbee posted the idea of using an assortment of perennial bulbs, annual flowers, evergreen trees, and colorful maples to design an island garden bed that would generate interest during all four seasons.

MFree sparked my imagination with the thought of a DIY landscape project that incorporated stone pavers along with a stacked stone fire-pit. And Heather came up with the idea of using the island garden bed as a place to grow fruit trees, that just might work with my grafted apple trees that are in need of a permanent home.

Valuable Perks and Rewards for Garden Club Members

Finally, Barbee added an excellent reminder related to the Home Depot Garden Club:

“When you visit the Home Depot site, be SURE to join the “Home Depot Garden Club”! I did last year and if you like advance notice of special sale pricing and COUPONS… as a club member you are gifted with periodical mailings (via snail mail) with all kinds of juicy stuff.”

“I, myself, am a coupon NUT and I love that added benefit. Thank You both, Kenny and Home Depot for affording us this fantastic opportunity”

Thanks again to everyone for visiting this site and participating in the contest! And big thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring the $200 DIY backyard project gift card promotion!

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  • Barbee

    CONGRATS, Brenda! Please come back and let us all know what you decided to do w/ your winnings!

    Thanks, again, Kenny and Home Depot!

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