Cherry Tomato Varieties

April 10, 2007

Yesterday I mentioned some of the benefits of growing cherry tomato plants; today I thought I’d share some of the interesting, colorful, and tasty varieties of cherry tomatoes that are available to the home gardener.

Most people associate cherry tomatoes with the somewhat edible specimens found in the plastic containers at your local grocer. For the backyard gardener there’s a wealth of variety, diversity, and unique flavors available when it comes to growing different varieties of cherry tomatoes.

Grow Your Choice of Distinctive Cherry Tomatoes

There’s an assortment of colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors, but if you want to enjoy them you’ll have to grow them yourself because you probably won’t find these babies for sale in any grocery store:

  • Sungold – One of my favorites for flavor, this is a hybrid cherry tomato with an attractive yellow-orange color that produces loads of delicious fruits.
  • Camp Joy – Heirloom cherry tomato that offers more of a true tomato flavor, you’ll have to search around to locate seed for this rare variety.
  • Riesentraube – Its name translates as “giant bunches of grapes,” you’ll be hard pressed to find a cherry tomato that can out produce this variety.
  • Chadwick’s Cherry – Another small fruited heirloom with a big reputation for flavor and quality. Developed by the famous gardener, Alan Chadwick.
  • Yellow Pear – Yellow pear shaped fruits are borne in large clusters. The shape and color really set this one apart as a delicious and unusual cherry tomato.
  • Red Pear – Just like Yellow Pear except adorned with red pear shaped fruit. Not as common as yellow pear, but the two would make a good combination in the kitchen.
  • Black Cherry – I’m trying this one for the first time this summer. Described as a dusky purple tomato with an incredible smoky flavor. I can’t wait to pair this one with Sungold.
  • Blondkopfchen – German heirloom, this is another golden-yellow cherry tomato that offers huge yields of sweet tasting fruits.
  • Green Grape – Spicy flavored tomatoes, yellow-green skin with green flesh even when the fruits are fully ripened. I’m working to find room for this one in my garden.

Other Miniature Tomatoes from the Garden

There are also a few other options for the home gardener looking for unique and unusual tomatoes to plant in the backyard garden. There’s a group of plum sized fruits that are larger than cherry tomatoes but still much smaller than the typical standard sized tomato.

Currant tomatoes are seldom seen growing in backyard gardens but offer intense flavors from tiny, marble to pea sized fruits. And finally there are the tomatillos that grow inside a papery husk and are popular for salsas and Mexican cuisine.

Sounds like my tomato patch will be growing a little larger. Make room for a cherry tomato or two in your garden this summer and you’ll enjoy the tasty fruits that come in a range of unusual shapes, colors, and flavors all on very productive and easy to care for tomato vines.

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  • We’re growing black cherry this year too, as per my 3 year old daughter’s wishes.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  • St. Catharines Gardener

    Has anyone had any luck with the tomatillos variety this far north?
    Salsa is big in my familly and we would like to have a crack ath this athentic Mexicasa treat!

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  • Do you have a follow-up post? How did these varieties turn out?

  • al Caffiero

    Can you plant cherry tomato’s in the same garden with regular ones.

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  • Nitz

    the black cherries are great my 15 year old wanted them this year we aslo have 4 other verities this year and yes you can grow cherries in the same garden as reguler tomatoes

  • Ron

    I am growing about 8 or so different cherry tomato varieties this year. A few are already in containers and I’m waiting on most of them to come up from seed. I had great luck last year with sweet 100 and black cherry. Lots of diff ones this year, so we’ll see how trhey turn out.
    What are some of your favorites and why?

  • Kenny Point

    Hi Ron, I like Sungold mainly for its flavor but it is very productive too. Pear tomatoes are another good on that I like because of the unusual shape.

  • Ron

    Hi Kenny
    I have tried to find Sungold but no luck yet. I did find Sugar gold and I’m trying that. Are you familiar with it? Iwill keep trying to find Sungold. Supposedly it is the most tasty (sweetest) of the cherry tomatos.
    I’m trying yellow pear and they are close to being ready.

  • Ron

    Have any of you tried the ‘Sweet Baby Girl’ cherry tomato? This is supposedly the new ‘King/Queen’ of the sweet cherry tomatoes. It ranks up there with Sungold. I haven’t seen it yet in our local area but it is in lots of the seed catalogs I get. I think I will buy some seed and try it this year.

  • Kenny Point

    No, I haven’t heard of the “Sweet Baby Girl” variety but if it’s compared to Sungold it must be pretty good. Do you know if it is a hybrid or open pollinated variety? I prefer the heirlooms or open pollinated types but make a rare exception for Sungold!

  • Ron

    I’m pretty sure that the Sweet Baby Girl is a hybrid. I am going to order some seed and I’ll let you know how it does. I’m also ordering some Sungold seed so O will be able to compare the two of them.

    Why do you prefer the heirlooms? I have a few of the heirlooms in my garden, but it’s the first time I have planted heirlooms. It’s Brandywine, but so far it appears to be less vigorous than the hybrids. But it’s probably too soon to compare. We’ll see. I also have a few cherry tomato heirlooms, but they are just now germinating.

  • Ron

    ok…I read your post re heirlooms so that answered my question about heirlooms. I’ll try a few more varieties of heirlooms and see how they do.

  • Ron

    ok…I ordered Sungold and Aweet Baby Girl seeds and I have the seeds in the ground. Hopefully, they will be up soon and I will be able to compare them. As they say, “Stay tuned.”

  • Ron

    My Sungold and Sweet Baby Girl seeds have germinated and I now have them in containers, so hopefully it won’t be long before I can judge these two cherry tomatoes.
    This thread must not be very popular with the rest of the people who come to the veggie garden. Is it always this quiet in here?

  • ron

    I have cherry tomatoes that look very ripe (red) but the seeds and juice inside are green. are they okay? they taste okay

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