Veggie Gardening Q & A

A recent post described the difficulty that veggie gardeners encounter as they attempt to note the differences between closely related vegetable crops such as collard greens and cauliflowers. Well judging by the following e-mail I just may add eggplants to the list of confused, though unrelated vegetable crops… Growing a Rather Unusual Crop of Eggplants […]


Answer: The second that you decide not to label the growing seedlings! While I hate to stick labels and tags in my vegetable garden, sometimes it really is the easiest way to avoid confusion when the seedlings poke their heads up from the ground. Jasmeen is finding this out the hard way as the following […]


I’m fortunate and relieved that I’ve never been faced with the major headache of controlling an infestation of notorious quackgrass in the vegetable garden! Ron isn’t so lucky and inquired about organic methods for getting this invasive weed under control: “Is there a way to turn a fairly large patch of land that has quack […]


I’ve written about my prized bay laurel plants in the past and shared how attractive, useful, and productive these culinary herb “trees” can be in the backyard kitchen garden. The only drawback is that those of us gardening in cold climates must bring the plants indoors during the winter months where the home environment can […]


I’ve been away from the vegetable garden for a spell and just returned from a trip out to Washington State. It was my first time visiting the Northwest and I saw awesome sights, made new friends, and had a chance to explore remote areas of the San Juan Islands. If you noticed that your comments […]


I have never noticed leafminers on my tomato plants, but I received an email from Freeda who sang the blues for her tomatoes because of these insect pests. Here’s an account of the crises involving her gorgeous tomato plants and the reclusive leafminers: “Please, do you have any suggestion to help save my tomatoes? The […]


You planted lettuce seed with visions of harvesting beautiful heads of sweet and tasty heirloom lettuce, but almost overnight the plants began to bolt for the sky and turn bitter… a familiar tale of a gardener’s grief:


All you Great Pumpkin Admirers will have to look up to the latest giant vegetable on display here at Veggie Gardening Tips… it’s a monster of an okra plant grown by Terry Stout in Kiln, Mississippi. My curiosity was piqued when Terry recently left the following comment on a previous blog entry related to growing okra in the home garden:


Other gardeners grow marigolds in the hope that they will help in the battle against destructive insects and animal pests. A recent question from Sherwin inquired into the benefits of growing marigolds in the garden for companion purposes and as an organic insect control: