Veggie Gardening Q & A

I often feature a post about now on the new vegetable seed catalogs finding their way into my mailbox, but this year I’ve been thinking about how much I actually use those printed seed catalogs compared to the websites that just about every seed company maintains these days. You could easily make an argument that […]


A couple of recent emails requested information on building a homemade garden trellis. Growing vertically is such a great way to save space and even increase yields for crops such as cucumbers, squash, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables. Today I’ll share one of my favorite methods to construct a simple trellis in the home […]


In many areas growing globe artichokes is a bit of a stretch for the backyard gardener, but that doesn’t stop an increasing number, including myself, from trying their hand at cultivating this interesting gourmet vegetable crop. A previous article; “Growing Artichokes in Spite of Mother Nature” brought the following inquiry from a container gardening artichoke […]


Has the cold, snow and ice gotten the better of you? Are you just itching to get out and do something constructive with that green but solidly frozen thumb of yours? The scene may be bleak out in the garden, but there are still plenty of things to keep a northern gardener in a positive […]


The following message arrived via my Facebook Page from a gardener in Israel who is fervently searching for new edible plants to raise in the veggie garden. The difficulty revolves around a very limited water supply and tough growing conditions that can quickly turn a productive garden into a barren plot. Here is Trish’s account […]


What has wings but doesn’t fly? And a set of wheels that never see the road? Its travel is limited to a distance that is measured by the number of feet per week, rather than the miles per hour that it covers! No gasoline, electricity, or even solar batteries are needed to power this ingenious […]


Craving a cross pollinated Spaghetti-Nugget-Dumpling Squash? How about a rare spotted Butternut-Scallop-Acorn delight? Or even a gigantic Hubbard-Cushaw-Pumpkin variety? And who could do without a lovely wart covered Crookneck-Turban-Gourded beauty? Well here are a few reports of mysterious, unidentified, mutated, or simply cross pollinated squashes that have been making appearances in backyard gardens this summer. […]


A post here last week sought the identity of a mysterious plant that was growing wild in a Wisconsin gardener’s backyard. Well the plant has been identified by several readers here and verified by a plant expert to be Giant Ragweed! Not exactly the happy ending that I was hoping for, but at least Tamara […]


There have been a number of mysterious plant capers making the rounds and being investigated here at Veggie Gardening Tips lately. First there was the mix up between the look alike collard and cauliflower seedlings, then the case of the faux eggplants. Now there’s a new report of an unknown plant cropping up uninvited in […]