Organic Gardening Videos

Now that I’ve had a full summer season to use the new Troy-Bilt FLEX Yard Care System in my backyard I thought it would be a good time to provide an update to my previous FLEX review and to share a video with you. I still love the FLEX Mower and have not encountered a […]


Today’s article on raised bed garden techniques features a short video with me prepping the garden after summer crops had been harvested and just before fall garlic will go into the growing bed. Many new gardeners are confused when they hear the term “raised bed vegetable garden” so I hope that seeing a raised bed […]


The snow cover has cleared from the garden but not completely off of the landscape, leaving us with glimpses of both the past winter and the coming spring! Mild weather that we haven’t seen for months made today a perfect time to venture out into the backyard. With temperatures close to sixty degrees I wasn’t […]


What can be worse than rambling tomato vines and rotting fruits sprawling all over the garden? How about spending money on tomato cages and fancy supports that really are not up to the task of keeping your tomato vines upright, productive, and happy! I’m trying a brand new tomato staking system in my garden this […]


I hear griping from many people that would love to grow their own fresh organic produce at home, but just don’t have a place to raise a vegetable garden. Well today’s video is a review of the EarthBox, a handy device that could  be your best answer to the question of “how to grow a […]


Mushrooms have to be one of the biggest overlooked finds for the backyard vegetable garden. That’s a shame because they are so easy to cultivate and extremely productive considering the minimal effort required to start them growing. You’ll find a number of articles right here at Veggie Gardening Tips related to growing both gourmet and […]


A quality digging fork has proven to be my favorite and most frequently used tool when working in the vegetable garden. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is the subject of my first product review and video here at Veggie Gardening Tips. At times when most gardeners reach for a shovel, a digging […]


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I will be adding a variety of organic gardening how-to and product review videos to the line up of vegetable gardening content that you will find here. I’m excited about the opportunity to demonstrate and actually show you many of the tips and […]