Mushrooms & Soil Fungi

Here’s a really quick, easy, and simple hack for growing mushrooms at home with just a few easily obtainable items. I learned this technique from a couple members of the Georgia Mushroom Growers Club at the Radical Mycology Convergence in New York last September. The ingredient list is short and consists of “Yesterday’s News” Kitty Litter (unused […]


The fall season is a perfect time to explore the fascinating world of backyard mushroom cultivation. I’ll start by sharing some of the delicious edible fungi that is currently springing up right outside in and around my garden. Then I’ll share some info on mushrooms picked up at the recent Mother Earth News Fair, and […]


This entry is an update on growing techniques for raising edible gourmet mushrooms in the backyard garden. I’ve written previously about starting mushrooms outdoors on logs, indoors using mushroom kits, and have also posted a video showing how to inoculate a log with spawn, but today I have some new tips and information to share. I get frequent […]


The rain and cooler temperatures made Blewitt Mushrooms the only crop to plant in the garden this week. If you’ve watched my shiitake log inoculation video or read any of the entries on cultivating edible fungi you know that I’m into growing gourmet mushrooms, and today it’s time to add another one to the list. […]


“I am from Botswana and have developed interest in mushroom cultivation. So I would like you to help with where I can find the kit in South Africa and at what cost. I would be very happy if you can help me.” That was the inquiry that I recently received from Samson in South Africa […]


Mushrooms have to be one of the biggest overlooked finds for the backyard vegetable garden. That’s a shame because they are so easy to cultivate and extremely productive considering the minimal effort required to start them growing. You’ll find a number of articles right here at Veggie Gardening Tips related to growing both gourmet and […]


In a previous article on this site I described the process for growing gourmet mushrooms on hardwood logs in the home garden. Hardwood log inoculation is a simple and easy way to cultivate loads of shiitake, oyster, maitake, chicken of the woods, reishi, lion’s mane, and other delicious edible or medicinal fungi right in your own backyard.


Mushroom Soil

February 28, 2006

Mushroom soil or mushroom compost is a great organic amendment for enriching the soil used to grow fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. I’ve written about mushrooms quite a bit in the past few weeks, from indoor mushroom kits, to growing mushroom logs outdoors. Enrich Garden Soil With Mushroom Compost This entry doesn’t have anything to […]


Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

February 19, 2006

Growing gourmet mushrooms is an interesting gardening project that can provide you with numerous harvests containing more delicious gourmet mushrooms than you’ll be able to eat. Previous entries discussed growing mushroom kits and also looked at the alternative of growing mushrooms outdoors. Today I’ll provide more details for growing gourmet mushrooms in the backyard garden. Selecting Hardwood […]