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Churchill is a vegetable gardener and frequent contributor here who has shared past articles about Growing Vegetables in Mexico and Gardening in Patzxuaro. This latest report was sent in last month to update us on the growing conditions and latest developments as Churchill adds a new raised bed garden to an area cursed by poor […]

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Today’s post contains a list of “going green” tips written by Jay Chua of Porch Swing Sets. He offers ideas to extend the sustainable focus beyond the vegetable garden and help ensure that the entire landscape is environmentally friendly: Landscapes are changing for the better due to the shift in environmental attitudes, and gardeners are […]


Early spring which is usually a lean period for the vegetable garden’s yield can actually be reasonably productive for the gardener who plans ahead, keeps their eyes open to opportunity, and expands beyond the usual garden fare in order to exploit the “hunger gap.” After a brief taste of summertime with temperatures exceeding record highs […]


This post is a sponsored review of UK Water Features which is based in Yorkshire, England. A water feature is a great addition to the sustainable garden and can provide many benefits even in a residential backyard. In addition to the ornamental appeal, a water source is important for the well-being of beneficial insects, birds, […]


While many of us are still watching snow melt and feeling the bite of winter, there are others who have been basking in the warmth of spring for some time now. Today Churchill returns to share some of the activity and growth taking place in her organic vegetable garden in Patzcuaro, Mexico… We had a […]


Yesterday Marcy Tate joined us to cover the benefits of using mulch in the garden. Today she returns to follow up with details on some of the specific mulches available to the home gardener. First up are some of the common organic mulches that are more natural and will decompose and add organic matter to […]


This article on the carefree benefits of using mulch in the garden and around the landscape is a guest post by Marcy Tate: Garden mulch can enhance the look of your garden and help keep your garden healthy. Placing it in your garden can also save you time by decreasing the need for watering, applying […]


Yesterday Stephen Scott of Underwood Gardens shared some concepts related to the importance of good soil both in and out of the garden. Today he returns to discuss some changes in the way that we think about and manage our gardens that can go a long way towards improving soil quality in our backyards: Building […]


The use of zones is a practical Permaculture concept that’s worthy of incorporating into the backyard vegetable garden. The basic idea is to organize your landscape into growing zones that will make it easier and more convenient to care for your plants. Zones are identified based on the relative location and accessibility, and then crops […]