Home Gardening Ideas

Last fall I wrote an article detailing my first attempts at growing baby ginger in the home garden. It was a big surprise to see how well the crop did in spite of the fact that I didn’t faithfully follow all of the cultural instructions as outlined by East Branch Ginger. Well I was in for another […]


The second stop during my trip to Portland, Oregon was to visit the Bee Thinking retail store located just a short drive outside of the city. I was familiar with their operation since that is the source that I used to purchase the top bars that went into my homemade beehives. Matt Reed and his […]


Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) has been one of my favorite heirloom seed suppliers for over twenty years, and is the original source of the potato onion seed stock that I continue to grow today. I was pleased to receive some great gardening tips and ideas from Ira Wallace, a worker/owner at SESE, and a […]


Gardeners recognize the plight of honeybees and the important role that they play in pollinating the crops that find their way unto our dining tables. The desire to lend a helping hand to the honeybee has led to the increasing popularity of backyard beekeeping as a hobby that fits in nicely with home gardening. James […]


I never had much interest in gardening with chickens, ducks, rabbits, or any animal livestock. After all, I live in the middle of a residential neighborhood, on a lot that is just over half an acre, and I’m a vegetarian… But today I’ll share what’s forced me to take a closer look at the benefits, […]


Ron and Jennifer Kujawski are a father-daughter team in the garden and co-authors of the “Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season.” They cultivate a mix of raised beds and row-style gardens that cover about 10,000 square feet in a cold, short season, climate within Massachusetts. I met Ron and Jennifer […]


With the plentiful rainfall that we received this spring a rain barrel was one of the last things on my mind, but now that summer is rolling around I’m very happy that the folks at EarthMinded were kind enough to send me one of their new Rain Stations for review. Before I share my impressions […]


One of the great things about the vegetable garden is that no matter how long you’ve been into it there’s always something new and interesting to try out. Whether your interest lies in ornamental plants or edibles, heirlooms or modern varieties, fruits or veggies, you will never run out of new opportunities to test your […]


Geoff Wakeling recently shared an article about growing strawberries in the home garden, and now returns to present an idea borrowed from the Native Americans for planting three different crops together to improve the growth and production of each one… For many vegetable gardeners, having everything growing in perfectly straight lines, boxes, and neat formations […]