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Most people get it backwards! They love mushrooms, and think Chanterelles are wonderful, so they look for Chanterelle spawn. If they manage to find it, they are disappointed to learn that Chanterelles require conditions which are not present in their own back yard or home. They sigh, and give up, because they are just too […]


I shared previously about my participation in Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6 Program and that I would be writing and conducting product reviews for the company. Well the next step was making the tough decision of selecting one product from their line up for my first review. I went back and forth before finally choosing the brand new FLEX to trial […]


Despite spring’s arrival today according to the calendar, it feels like the new growing season is a ways off, and the first hints of fresh produce are just now beginning to sprout up from the earth. But there is plenty of last season’s harvest preserved and ready for use thanks to the fresh veggies that were dried, stored, or even fermented before […]

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At this year’s Garden2Blog event I took advantage of an opportunity to check out some of Troy-Bilt’s line of new products that include tillers, string trimmers, and lawn mowers. I was familiar with the quality of the company’s tillers but walked away from the demonstration impressed by the innovation contained in their other garden equipment. After I returned home from […]


It’s still early in the spring vegetable garden and the majority of the planting is still ahead of me but I wanted to share some highlights and a couple of disappointments from this stage of the growing season. Starting out with the old reliable crops that I can always depend on; the fall planted garlic, […]


The garden is off and growing with a good start to the early spring season. It’s obvious that the plants are anxious to get going and you can watch them swell, bud, uncurl, and flex before they finally burst open with new leaf growth or flower blooms! Gardeners can be the same way, whether it’s the rush to […]


The previous article looked at row covers, cold frames, cloches, and other techniques for protecting the garden during winter, but I wanted to take a closer look at one method in particular. While cold frames are still my favorite tools for cold weather gardening, the simpler row covers are gaining in favor because they are […]


I usually write about edible plants and how to protect them from destructive insects but today’s post contains a gallery of plants that can care for themselves as they go out of their way to make things comfortable and inviting for the hordes of insects that they prey upon. My bog garden sits right next […]


I stumbled unto the Portland Homestead Supply Company earlier this spring during a visit to Portland, Oregon. What first caught my attention was a rack of vegetable and herb plants that were on display right out in front on the sidewalk. From there I noticed crates containing small livestock like chickens and ducks, and knew that […]