Herbs and Edible Flowers

There are signs of wild edible plants and cultivated varieties popping up all over the garden but before I shift my focus to spring I wanted to share a few of the edible weeds that have been out there for the picking all winter long. Despite the presence of frozen soils and blankets of snow, […]


The voicemail from the PA Department of Ag was brief and to the point: “We would like to come by on Monday afternoon to take a look at your Gutherie Procums.” I’m a gardener, not a botanist, so the first questions that popped into my mind were what is Gutherie Procums, is it a restricted […]


I’m behind on my planting but there are plenty of spring blossoms on display in the vegetable garden these days. In addition to adding color and interest to the landscape flowers draw in a large range of beneficial insects to help with the tasks of pollination and pest control. The tiny Alyssums are barely noticeable […]


I received a recent inquiry from a member of the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, D.C about posting an article to promote the 98 years of tradition with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. My first thought was to decline the invitation because rules are rules and if you’ve been around here for […]


Flower gardeners aren’t the only ones that can appreciate a bit of color and ornamental accents in the garden. So while vegetable growers may not be able to smell the roses, there’s no shortage of blossoms and blooms to catch the eye and other senses in an edible garden. Here’s a small sampling of the […]


Answer: The second that you decide not to label the growing seedlings! While I hate to stick labels and tags in my vegetable garden, sometimes it really is the easiest way to avoid confusion when the seedlings poke their heads up from the ground. Jasmeen is finding this out the hard way as the following […]


As much as I love edible weeds and wild plants, I couldn’t have been any more thrilled by the bounty of seaweeds and sea vegetables that I was introduced to and became better acquainted with on a recent trip to the Northwest Coast. Karen Sherwood of Earthwalk Northwest was the guide and instructor on this […]


I guess the riddle at the end of my previous post wasn’t too challenging as many of you correctly guessed that the plants explored and studied during my trip to the Northwest were indeed seaweeds and sea vegetables. For being speedy with a correct response I’m sending Kitt of The Kittalog a packet of Kabocha […]


Officially it’s only the beginning of the summer growing season, but I already have a few plants contending for bragging rights as the tallest plant in the veggie garden! While most of the garden’s plants are nowhere close to maturity, a few edibles have already reached lofty peaks and now spend the summer days posing […]

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