Heirloom Seed Treasures

The Seed Savers Seed Exchange is much more than an heirloom seed company, it’s also a huge seed repository and a fraternity of vegetable gardeners devoted to preserving and sharing rare seed varieties. I’ve been a member of the organization off and on over the past twenty-five years and in the past listed a cold-hardy […]


The Wild Garden Seed Company is a relatively new source on my list of heirloom seed suppliers and I’ve only been ordering vegetable seeds from them for a few years. All of their seeds may not officially qualify as heirlooms, but I was drawn to this seed supplier almost as quickly as the beneficial insects […]


Specializing in open pollinated, heirloom, and other rare seeds, Bountiful Gardens has been selling seeds for over twenty years and helped introduce me to the world of heirlooms. Bountiful Gardens and Seeds Blum (which is no longer in business) were a couple of the first seed companies that I stumbled onto that specialized in heirloom […]


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

February 3, 2009

While it isn’t the oldest heirloom seed company around, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has a very impressive offering of open pollinated seeds for the backyard vegetable grower. Baker Creek always does things in a big way and touts themselves as the “Largest Heirloom Gardening Resource,” carrying an inventory of over 1200 different heirloom seed varieties. […]


A stream of heirloom vegetable seed catalogs has been arriving in my mailbox over the past few months and I’m all set to begin my annual seed catalog browsing fest. I typically review what’s new and interesting from the veggie seed catalogs, or share the special heirloom varieties that will be finding their way into […]


Eggplant Harvest

July 23, 2007

I just wanted to share some of the heirloom eggplants that I’m growing and harvesting from the vegetable garden this summer. Previous articles covered tips for growing eggplants and discussed the international roots of heirloom eggplant varieties.


Great Eggplant Varieties

June 26, 2007

As a follow up to the recent posts on Growing Eggplants and Controlling Flea Beetles on Eggplants, I wanted to share a few rare and unusual varieties of heirloom eggplants that are available to the home gardener. Do a little research and you’ll quickly discover that eggplants are well traveled and a very international vegetable. There are many exotic varieties hailing from remote regions of Turkey, Africa, Italy, Thailand, India, China, the Ukraine, and Louisiana.


Cherry Tomato Varieties

April 10, 2007

Yesterday I mentioned some of the benefits of growing cherry tomato plants; today I thought I’d share some of the interesting, colorful, and tasty varieties of cherry tomatoes that are available to the home gardener. For the backyard gardener there’s a wealth of variety, diversity, and unique flavors available when it comes to growing different varieties of cherry tomatoes.


Seed Potato Medley

March 20, 2007

I didn’t plant a single potato in the garden last year due to space constraints, but this year I’m looking to include at least one variety of heirloom potato. I settled on growing a fingerling type potato because I really like the waxy texture and the versatility that they offer in the kitchen. Fingerlings are just as easy to grow as the common standard potato varieties.