Heirloom Seed Treasures

The first batch of seeds that I started indoors a few weeks ago was transplanted into the garden last weekend. They are hardy crops like lettuce, kale, collards, and broccoli that can handle a spring cold snap. There are also ginger and turmeric seeds pre-sprouting indoors in flats, and this weekend I will start planting […]

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Sometimes I can’t help but wonder; why do we even bother talking about GMO’s, organize events like the Right to Know month, report on Monsanto’s setbacks in other countries, or promote efforts here to require the labeling of GMO’s? When it’s obvious that the opposing interests don’t operate by the same set of rules as we do… they simply […]


I normally post a winter article related to heirloom seed catalogs, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit by listing some awesome seed companies that you’ve probably never even heard of. The seed suppliers featured today have a narrower focus, smaller inventory of varieties, or specialize in providing seeds adapted to […]


Ken Roseboro is the editor of the Organic & Non-GMO Report, and author of “The Organic Food Handbook” and “Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health.” I sat down with Ken at the recent Mother Earth News Fair and spoke with him about the potential threats of Genetically Modified Organisms and what we as consumers can […]

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A recent email introduced the new cookbooks; Glutton for Pleasure, Quinoa 365: the Everyday Superfood, Heart of the Artichoke, Cooking for Geeks, and Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy, along with an offer for more information on any of the publications that I was interested in. The titles that immediately attracted my attention were Quinoa 365 and […]


It may sound crazy but I was excited to see rat turds in among my heirloom pepper plants this summer, and I’m about to share the particulars as to why you should look forward to seeing them in your own garden next season! First you can relax in knowing that I’m not talking about rodent […]


One of those gardeners and fellow bloggers that I’ve had the pleasure to correspond with is Tee from over at the Veggie Gardener. Today Tee joins us with a guest post on the importance of growing heirloom varieties: The last several years have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of home vegetable gardening. According […]


Yesterday Stephen Scott from Terroir Seeds, home of Underwood Gardens and Grandma’s Garden Catalog joined us to share some interesting information about growing heirloom beans and their history, cultivation, and tips for saving bean seeds. Today Stephen returns to introduce a few specific heirloom bean varieties and offer us insight into their personalities and the […]


Just in case the previous article describing some of the vegetable varieties I’m growing this season didn’t inspire you to investigate a  few heirloom seed choices, today I’ll share some of the reasons that hybrid vegetable seeds aren’t high up on my shopping list. First I’ll admit to planting a hybrid variety or two in […]