Growing Vegetables

The vegetable garden was slow developing this season but things are finally shaping up and it looks to be a pretty productive and rewarding year. So far the stars of the garden are the eggplants which are gorgeous and have not suffered from the flea beetle attacks that often riddle the leaves and weaken the […]


There is nothing like raising edible perennials to get a big jump on the growing season and to help reduce your planting chores in early spring. I incorporate traditional perennial vegetables as well as those that are more common in permaculture gardening circles. It’s great to enjoy a lush, green garden and early harvests without […]

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I’m not fanatical about companion planting as outlined in books like “Carrots Love Tomatoes” or “Roses Love Garlic” but that won’t stop me from adding my own spin to the subject and proclaiming that “Blueberries Love Wintergreen!” While I do believe plants can form beneficial relationships with each other and that they can also grow better when paired in certain groupings; I don’t […]


Here’s a quick look at some of the plants that are growing in the garden this springtime. Most of these early risers are perennials, with a few biennials and even hardy annuals that over wintered and will soon run to seed. Thanks to the shorter and warmer than usual winter things are flowering a bit […]


We all appreciate the health benefits of eating fresh homegrown veggies, but have you considered implementing techniques to actually boost the nutritional value of the produce that is harvested from your garden? It always seems to revolve around paying less attention individually to plants, and focusing more attention on the soil as a whole and […]


Despite being such a common and ordinary vegetable at the grocer, celery is surrounded by a bit of of mystery and intrigue out in the vegetable garden. On one hand many backyard gardeners find it a challenge to grow and on the other hand many are unaware of the various options, forms, and shapes that […]


The previous post examined reasons for including long-lived edibles in the vegetable garden. Today it’s time to identify some favorite vegetable perennials that will offer the same type of lasting benefits that flower and landscape gardeners love to take advantage of in their ornamental beds. Here is a partial listing of edible perennials; both vegetables […]


Ornamental gardeners swear by perennials because of the advantages of planting once to enjoy multiple seasons of growth without the additional expense or labor related to purchasing new plants and replanting. Well there’s no need for the vegetable gardener to be jealous because there are many perennial plants that will offer the vegetable gardener the […]

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Today’s List of the Top Ten Summer Greens that will grow and withstand the hottest of weather was inspired by the following question that was received from JoAnn: “Hello there, I want to know if you have any suggestions on having leafy green vegetables grow all through the summer? I live in Charlotte, Zone 7 […]