Growing Organic Fruits

This year has been a great season for growing fruits in the backyard garden. From the berry plants that opened the season to the kiwi fruits that are closing it out. Fruits are a great addition to the backyard and can be cultivated in the garden, scattered throughout the landscape, or be confined to containers on […]


For Backyard Fruit Lovers Fall is an exciting time here in Central Pennsylvania with events such as the apple harvest, the Backyard Fruit Grower’s annual fruit tasting, and this past weekend’s Pawpaw tour all featured on the calendar. Ask most people about Pawpaws and you’ll get the same looks as though you had mentioned Jujube Trees […]


Over the weekend the Pennsylvania Backyard Fruit Growers hosted their annual fruit tree grafting workshop at the Landis Valley Museum near Lancaster, PA. There was a great turnout of regular members, as well as new faces in the crowd lining up to obtain rootstocks and select their favorite scion wood from several long rows of tables loaded […]


The usual response I receive after mentioning the hardy kiwis growing in my backyard is; “I didn’t know you could grow those here!” Hardy kiwis are smaller than the fruits you’ll find at the grocer and they aren’t covered with fuzz. Other than that they are very similar, productive, and suitable for cultivation in Northern […]


If you’re a regular here at Veggie Gardening Tips you know how much I enjoy growing unusual and challenging varieties of fruits and vegetables in the garden. One thing that’s been missing in my backyard is any type of citrus fruit. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of growing citrus plants and have often been […]


I learned a creative new use for blueberry plants during a visit to Costco this week. The latest shipment of plants was on display and included the usual ornamental shrubs, trees, and landscape perennials. But of course the thing that caught my eye was the attractive blueberry bushes that were covered with those unusually shaped […]


Today’s article featuring tips to grow your own strawberries is a guest post written by Geoff Wakeling. Geoff lives in London where he shares his life with hens, cats and a garden where you’ll find him snipping, pruning, planting, cutting, propagating, shoveling, or just plain admiring mother nature. Read on and get prepared to grow […]


The previous article shared some great reasons to cultivate a backyard orchard in containers, and today it’s time to follow up with ideas to help you get started with growing fruit trees in pots. Oranges, apples, limes, blueberries, bananas, and pomegranates are among the most popular choices for growing fruit trees in containers. Then there […]


What’s not to like about potted fruit trees decorating the patio, deck, or balcony? Have you given thought to the idea of growing potted fruit trees as an alternative, or in addition to the typical orchard of fruit trees that are planted in the ground? If you’ve dismissed the idea of cultivating your own homegrown […]