Gourmet Garlic Culture

The garden log entries here usually cover just about everything that’s currently growing out in the Veggie Gardening Tips garden, but this one will be a little different because I just finished harvesting this year’s crop of gourmet garlic and that’s always an exciting and suspenseful event! If you still haven’t heeded my advice and […]


One of the great things about raising shallots, multiplier onions, and gourmet garlic is that it’s so easy to produce your own seed stock for future plantings. The subject of garlic seed saving was raised in a recent comment and inquiry from Cynthia: “I had such a good crop of Fireball garlic last year that […]


I finally found time to plant my gourmet garlic seed a week ago just before the weather turned noticeably colder and killing frosts descended onto the vegetable garden. The gourmet garlic varieties planted out included Music, German White, Ukrainian Red, and Italian Purple. Over a hundred cloves went into a section of the garden measuring […]


Curing Garlic

July 16, 2007

Sure you can march those freshly dug bulbs off to the kitchen and begin using them immediately in your favorite recipes. But if you intend to store your bounty for any length of time it’s important that you first go through the process of properly curing those precious garlic bulbs.


Harvesting Garlic

July 13, 2007

Today’s entry will take a look at harvesting gourmet garlic, which is one of my favorite vegetables for growing in the home garden. Garlic is easy to grow, avoided by almost all garden pests, and the gourmet garlic varieties are far tastier than the store bought cloves that you may be accustomed to. The most challenging aspect of growing garlic for many gardeners is determining the proper time to harvest this generally care free crop. After reading this article you should have no problem harvesting your homegrown garlic bulbs.


Summer Garlic Care

July 2, 2007

Last month I posted an article describing techniques for providing spring garlic care to the growing plants, today I wanted to continue the discussion with a few comments regarding summertime garlic maintenance chores. Maybe I shouldn’t even use the word maintenance because there really isn’t much to do with garlic during the summer months.


Spring Garlic Care

June 10, 2007

For garlic growers like myself that do all of their garlic planting in the fall, spring is a pretty care free period provided that your garlic is grown in fertile soil and the bed is mulched with a thick layer of shredded leaves or straw.


Garlic Seed Allotment

April 16, 2007

“I loved your article on growing garlic. I have only used the grocery store kind with some success. I have already put in an order for next year. My question is how much garlic would a family of 5 that uses a decent amount of garlic need (to plant)? If you have any rules of thumb, I would appreciate it.”


Mythical Gourmet Garlic

February 23, 2007

I’ve published a number of articles related to growing garlic here on this site, so I thought that I knew a little bit about gourmet garlic and growing it in the home garden. But after listening to a workshop on garlic presented by David Stern of the Garlic Seed Foundation, I realized that there is much more to discover about the workings of this amazing plant.