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Have you noted any public assurances of safety that later turned into cautions and warnings regarding the latest and greatest new chemical or genetic discovery for the garden? Consider concerns over the impact of Imidacloprid on honeybees and questions regarding the quality of the research that was used to support its approval. Who know’s where […]


I’m trying a new product called THRIVE in my garden this summer that utilizes soil organisms to help improve plant growth and health in the landscape. If you’re not familiar with terms like mycorrhizal, or the idea of using fungi as a soil conditioner, today’s post is an interview with the creators of THRIVE that […]


Edible gardeners recognize the importance of garden fencing to keep rabbits, groundhogs, and other critters from ruining all the time and effort invested in their precious produce. Choosing and setting up a garden fence is just a start; the real challange is in to keep wildlife on the outside looking in with envy at your […]


Reports of gardeners struggling with deformed green beans and other crops this summer were a mystery that was assigned to everything from poor pollination to bad seeds. The culprit has finally been identified as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, an exotic pest that is making its rounds to gardens and farms here in Pennsylvania as […]


Annie Spiegelman author of “Talking Dirt,” “Growing Seasons,” and “Annie’s Garden Journal” is back again today to pick up the conversation on soil testing in the backyard garden right where we left off yesterday: With the home soil test, you’ll be testing your soil’s pH. The pH level will tell you if your soil has […]


Today’s article focusing on soil testing is a guest post written by Annie Spiegelman aka the Dirt Diva, author of “TALKING DIRT: The Dirt Diva’s Down-to-Earth Guide to Organic Gardening.” “I’m really mystified by homeowners who will plop down $30,000 dollars to a landscape designer who will come up with a plant palette without ever […]

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Today’s article is a guest post written by Stephen Scott from Terroir Seeds, home of Underwood Gardens and Grandma’s Garden Catalog. Stephen examines the complex relationships between our soil and the food that we eat: Heirloom seeds and plants, whether they are vegetables, herbs or flowers are more popular than ever now, as more people […]


It looks like the powers that be in India have decided to turn a big thumbs down to permitting the commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) Bt Brinjal! Brinjal or aubergines, are more commonly known as eggplants here in the U.S. and we can only pray that our government officials will take a closer look […]


I was impressed with the answers to the little gardening riddle that was posed last time. I was also told that I offered too many clues and that I made things too easy for you to solve… so I’ll have to remember that next time, and yes the answer to the riddle was a Chicken […]