Fall Vegetable Gardening

I first heard about the idea of over wintered peppers from the Ottawa Gardener a few years ago but didn’t get around to trying it myself until just this year. The results were much better than I expected and the process was even easier than over wintering some of those popular tender perennial herbs. The […]


With the latest round of snowfall still covering the ground here in Central PA I figured I would try to make the best of the situation by putting together a list of my favorite uses for the white stuff in and around the veggie garden. Take a look and pick your favorite snowy perk or […]


While there’s still a little harvesting yet in store, for the most part the garden has wound down and settled in for rest until spring. To protect and enrich the soil I utilize a number of techniques to cover the earth and keep it nice and cozy through a long and frigid winter. I use […]


I really thought that not talking about it would help ease the anguish of watching the days grow shorter as this summer’s vegetable gardening season continues to wind down. Well an email I received from Renee yesterday helped me to see that I wasn’t the only one that was a little anxious over the situation […]


The weekend found the garden covered by its first blanket of snow. I’m still growing a few vegetables here in Central PA despite the fact that the weather conditions have turned cold and wintry a lot sooner than I’d prefer. When it’s not covered by the white stuff, the garden is still green and yielding […]


Would you like to try your hand at growing a fall veggie garden this year but aren’t quite sure how to manage it because your entire garden is currently over flowing with juicy tomatoes, sweet peppers and other summer crops that are still in full production? That’s a dilemma that many backyard gardeners are faced […]


A trek through the vegetable garden over the weekend revealed that many edible plants have survived the winter season and are thriving now that spring has arrived.


Sure, I heard the freeze warnings that were broadcast over the weekend, but who pays much attention to the weatherman’s predictions these days? Besides the leafy greens and fall vegetables that occupy most of the garden have been anxiously awaiting a heavy frost to tickle and sweeten their hardy leaves for weeks already.

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While we’ve been enjoying balmy weather and an extended summer season here in Pennsylvania, I’ve started noticing reports of fall frosts striking gardens in other regions. Things are slowing down and some of the garden bloggers have closed up shop for the winter, but here are a few interesting links form around the Internet: