Fall Vegetable Gardening

This winter has seen nothing but one wave after another of cold, ice, and snow, to the point that I haven’t been able to actually see the garden at all over the past couple months. That’s not entirely bad as the consistent snow cover provided insulation and will help protect over wintering plants from the […]


The Home Depot Garden Club has been running a series on “Stretch Gardening” featuring ideas to extend the gardening season and guess who was invited to chime in on the subject? Well that was easy and hard to refuse considering how much I enjoy stretching all of the limits out in my backyard garden. I […]


There’s often a fashion show of sorts here to highlight my fall gardens because it is such a special time when things are lush and green with very little effort required to be spent on tasks such as weeding, watering, or even issues related to insect control. In the past I’ve posted an Autumn Photo Line-Up,  Fall Garden Revue, and […]


Your region may endure months of frigid weather, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to harvest fresh produce out of the backyard garden. The previous post shared some of the hardy varieties grown by Niki Jabbour in her Nova Scotia garden; today I’ll cover some of the equipment and devices that she uses to stretch […]


I met Niki Jabbour at this year’s Mother Earth News Fair and obtained a copy of her new book entitled “The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener.” It turns out that we have a lot in common when it comes to growing a fall vegetable garden, and share a similar strategy for gardening during the colder periods of […]


Well, I really didn’t blow off the landscape as Hurricane Sandy made her rounds back in October, and thanks to everyone who inquired into how everything turned out. The garden and the beehives survived just fine and Pennsylvania actually wasn’t as hard hit by the storm as were parts of New York and New Jersey. […]


With Hurricane Sandy approaching the East Coast and expectations that she will create all sorts of havoc, I spent some time over the weekend preparing the garden for the storm’s arrival. Weather forecasters receive their share of complaints but it’s times like this when advance warnings are greatly appreciated! The funny thing is that the […]


The mild temps continue here in Central PA with yesterday’s high reaching into the 70’s. These are great times to enjoy a fall vegetable garden and to complete those final fall clean-up tasks before colder weather arrives. My garlic, shallots, and potato onions are all in the ground, the last seeds have been planted, and the […]


I first heard about the idea of over wintered peppers from the Ottawa Gardener a few years ago but didn’t get around to trying it myself until just this year. The results were much better than I expected and the process was even easier than over wintering some of those popular tender perennial herbs. The […]