Cultivating Leafy Greens

Mock Broccoli

April 26, 2006

Okay, there’s really no vegetable called Mock Broccoli that you’ll find in any seed catalog or gardening book. I made the name up, but it perfectly describes the edible seed stalks that you can harvest right now from your raised bed of spring greens.

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Spring Greens

April 5, 2006

Even though the weather is only now beginning to settle enough to plant vegetable seeds outdoors directly in the garden… I’ve been harvesting and eating delicious garden fresh kale, collards, cress, and other spring greens for a number of weeks already.


Home Grown Lettuce

March 12, 2006

Want to see a great example of what makes home grown produce superior to store bought vegetables, then just try growing lettuce in your back yard garden. Advantages of Home Grown Lettuce Growing your own lettuce will reward you with sweet, nutritious heads of fresh lettuces that are larger and tastier than any found at your local grocer. And you […]


Mache Salad Greens

February 6, 2006

Mache, also known as corn salad, rapunzel, field salad, or lamb’s lettuce is a little known salad green with a mild lettuce like flavor. This easily to cultivated vegetable can even be found growing wild in some areas.


Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage is one of my favorite varieties of green cabbage and the one that I choose most often for early spring plantings. One thing that sets this heirloom cabbage apart from other common varieties is that Early Jersey Wakefield produces heads with a distinctly pointed, conical shape. To top it off this is […]


Handy Transplanting Secret

January 27, 2006

Hate transplanting strong, healthy seedlings to the garden only to watch them wilt and shrivel from the stress of being moved to their new location? Here’s a transplanting secret that works great with leafy vegetables like greens and lettuces. Simply reduce the amount of leaf foliage at the time that you set the young transplants […]

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January 18, 2006

Arugula is a unique-flavored, leafy green vegetable that has seen a recent surge in popularity. While arugula happens to be one of my favorite salad greens, not everyone is as fond of this distinctly tasting vegetable plant.  Easy to cultivate and fast growing, the first harvest of nutritious arugula greens can be had just a […]


Mustard Greens

November 19, 2005

Mustard Greens while not as popular as kale, collards, and other leafy greens make an excellent addition to the home garden. Their strong, spicy hot flavor is probably the reason that many gardeners neglect them, and cooks ban them from the kitchen, but there are many good reasons to set aside a little space for […]


Swiss Chard

October 27, 2005

I frequently recommend growing leafy greens such as Swiss Chard because they are so nutritious, delicious, and easy to grow. Often a single sowing can extend across several seasons, providing harvestable greens from spring, right through fall frosts. Even more remarkably, Swiss Chard can survive frigid winter conditions to produce additional early spring harvests when […]