Beginner Gardening Tips

Yesterday’s entry was an interview with organic gardener Fern Marshall Bradley in which she shared her background in organic gardening, a few of her favorite edibles, and offered tips for improving soils and starting a new garden. Today’s post is the continuation of Fern’s interview and provides more gardening information and recommendations for the home […]

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Today’s post features an interview with Fern Marshall Bradley, co-author of the recently revised All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening. Fern wrote a previous article here about ways to Save Money by Growing Organically, and is back to offer more of her great insight and to answer a series of questions regarding her organic gardening techniques […]


A visitor browsing through photos of the garden was curious and inquired into the types of mulch and the various techniques that are employed to mulch my organic raised bed garden. Here’s her mulch question followed by what may come as a surprising admission regarding the application of mulches in the vegetable garden: “I love […]


Allyson from Kennesaw, GA raised a question about the best vegetables for growing in a small garden area: “I am a first time gardener and I don’t know what to plant that will not over load my very limited garden space. After reading your site, I have determined I could handle a few bush green beans, and some lettuce. I will plant zucchini in a couple of separate deep containers, but really want to plant some potatoes and onions.”


Window Box Veggies

July 7, 2007

So, you think you don’t have a place to grow a vegetable garden. Well how about raising a few tasty organic veggies right on your deck or patio? I’m sure there are plenty of empty containers and pots around the house that would work very nicely to create your own edible garden on the patio or deck.


Veggie Moving Days

May 16, 2007

I started the important hardening off process for my frost sensitive seedlings over a week ago, but I’ve been resisting the urge to transplant those tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, and melons out into the open garden.


Leaf Gathering & Storage

November 28, 2006

A recent question was raised regarding the best method to gather and store leaves for use in the garden or for making compost. Common, ordinary leaves are a very valuable resource for the home gardener and nature’s way of mining and cycling nutrients from deep underground and delivering them to the soil’s surface.


Season Ending Garden Prep

October 17, 2006

Well here’s a checklist of simple gardening ideas that can be implemented this fall to clean up and help build a healthier vegetable garden that’s enriched and revitalized when spring arrives. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a more productive garden that offers fresh produce far earlier and with less effort.


Vegetable gardeners have been noticing the mysterious loss of flowers and immature fruits which have been shriveling and falling off of plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, and squash. Losing a few vegetable blossoms or young fruits isn’t uncommon, especially early in the summer and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.