Beginner Gardening Tips

You really don’t need a backyard to raise your own fruit and vegetable garden; a variety of styles and designs will do, and work fine for just about anything you could desire to grow. Just be sure that your pots have sufficient depth to accommodate the plants that you would like to grow. Here’s a […]


May 15th is my unofficial frost free date here in Central Pennsylvania, but I never really expect to see a killing frost that late during spring… well things might turn out differently this year with the possibility of frost in the forecast for tomorrow morning. That’s just why I never rush setting out frost-tender vegetable […]

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Barbara Pleasant is an author, gardener, and public speaker who loves sharing her experiences related to raising organic backyard gardens. I spoke with her during the summer and also sat in on a presentation of her innovative composting and gardening techniques. She describes compost gardening as the art of arranging perfect marriages between compost and […]


Todd from the Big Blog of Gardening recently commented on an article here about Planting Your First Vegetable Garden and took exception to the idea that growing your own is a lot cheaper than store bought produce. To illustrate his point Todd cited some expensive tomatoes that were raised in his backyard garden: Well, I […]


Winter isn’t over but it’s not too early to begin thinking about the veggie garden; where strategy is especially important if you’re planning your first vegetable garden! Today’s post is a guest article written by Geoff Wakeling that will offer some valuable insight to the first-time gardener, as well as considerations that experienced gardeners sometimes […]


With the recent surge of new vegetable gardeners out there testing their green thumbs, a question that frequently comes up is whether the booming interest in growing vegetables is just a passing fad that won’t stick, or if it is here to stay and will continue to catch on. Are you a newbie gardener who […]


The following article by P.J. Scott is a great read into the pleasures and surprises encountered by one family as they set about learning the how-to’s and what-for’s of backyard vegetable gardening for the very first time: I am literally a “rookie” gardener. I live in Michigan, west of Grand Rapids, about 15-20 miles from […]


This entry is a guest post by Nathalie Lussier who blogs over at the She stops by today to share a few tips for using all of that extra produce that is harvested from your backyard garden this summer: So you’ve slaved all summer in your garden, and now you’re reaping its bounty. If […]


Back in May I published a series of emails from a few backyard vegetable gardeners who shared their passions and talents for producing home-grown fresh fruits and veggies. Those gardens were located in Patzcuaro, Mexico, Northern Virginia, Teakettle, Belize, and Tennessee. Today’s report comes to us from another southern grower… I just ran across your […]