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February 3, 2009

While it isn’t the oldest heirloom seed company around, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has a very impressive offering of open pollinated seeds for the backyard vegetable grower.

Baker Creek always does things in a big way and touts themselves as the “Largest Heirloom Gardening Resource,” carrying an inventory of over 1200 different heirloom seed varieties. Even their seed catalog has more in common with a coffee table book than the typical seed catalog.

baker-creek-heirloom-seed-catalogWith 115 different types of squash seeds, over 140 varieties of heirloom melons, and close to two hundred tomatoes in an array of colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors, it isn’t difficult to be impressed with the diversity and selections offered by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

The Man Behind the Seeds

Baker Creek is based out of the Ozark Mountain area of Southern Missouri. The company is the brainchild and dream come true of Jere Gettle who grew up with a passion for seed collecting that often leads him to the remote locations of foreign countries in search of “new” heirlooms to add to the collection.

I’ve been a customer for close to ten years and during that time it has been a pleasure to deal with Jere and everyone that I’ve spoken with at Baker Creek. They are definitely towards the top of my list when it’s time to go shopping for heirloom vegetable seeds.

Despite the huge inventory of different seed varieties, there’s no need to worry about becoming lost or overwhelmed as you sort through them because their catalog and website at is very well laid out, and easy to browse or order from. There are detailed descriptions for every heirloom variety along with gorgeous color photos of many of their offerings.

Baker Creek Heirloom Specialties

baker-creek-heirloom-seedsThere isn’t much that you can’t find at Baker Creek, but I’m especially partial to their selections of heirloom eggplants (about 50 varieties), okras (over 20 listed), and the assortment of peas and beans. New crops that I’ve been exploring in recent years include cowpeas, long beans, bitter melons, and some of their exotic leafy greens.

If your thing is oddities, Baker Creek won’t disappoint with such rare and unusual seeds as Melocoton, Pepino Melons, Jaltomato, Dwarf Pomegranates, Strawberry Spinach, Thai Red Roselle, Snake Melons, African Horned Cucumbers, Wax Melons, and other curious plants that you won’t find growing in the average backyard garden.

If your tastes aren’t as exotic there are many different but more familiar sounding heirloom vegetable seeds to choose from including:

  • Purple Podded Pole Beans
  • Thai Long Green Eggplants
  • Old-Time Tennessee Melons
  • Black Aztec Sweet Corn
  • Southern Giant Curled Mustard
  • Japanese Climbing Cucumbers
  • Blue Podded Garden Peas
  • Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce
  • Golden Marconi Peppers
  • and Paul Robeson Tomatoes

Baker Creek rounds out their listings with a selection of herbs, flowers, seed collections, and gardening books. On their website you will also find a garden forum, schedule of upcoming events in “Bakersville,” a photo gallery, and more. If you decide to request just one heirloom seed catalog, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds would be a great choice!

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  • Joe

    I would also respectfully submit Garden Harvest Supply as a great gardening resource for all your home and garden needs. They also offer potted plants.

  • Edwiena W.

    How does one start gardening just heirloom seeds only? Do we just get rid of all other seeds and dig up our asparagus beds?
    Edwiena Wyatt

  • Kenny Point

    Hi Edwiena, I wouldn’t just get rid of seeds and I definitely wouldn’t dig up my asparagus bed if it is productive. I grow a couple of hybrids like Sungold tomatoes but 99 percent of my plants are heirlooms. There are many heirloom seed companies around that can provide you with thousands of choices when it comes to growing heirloom vegetables, fruits, and even flowers.


    How can I get a Baker Heirloom Seed Catalog? I have the Mansfield, MO address. What is the cost of the catalog?

  • Kenny Point

    Hi Karla, you can find information regarding requesting their catalog on the Baker Creek website. The catalog is free and is one of the most extensive heirloom seed catalogs out there, with lots of pictures of their varieties.

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