Are New Vegetable Gardeners Throwing in the Trowel?

November 8, 2010

With the recent surge of new vegetable gardeners out there testing their green thumbs, a question that frequently comes up is whether the booming interest in growing vegetables is just a passing fad that won’t stick, or if it is here to stay and will continue to catch on.

Are you a newbie gardener who was gung-ho to get started and dove right in, but now find yourself on the verge of giving it all up? Was the beginner gardening experience what you expected or planned for when the idea of raising a lush backyard garden first crossed your mind?

New Vegetable Gardeners Wanted to Share their Experiences

Is there a weed filled and abandoned garden in your past that still brings back memories of good intentions that grew bad? If these questions strike a nerve then garden writer George Weigel and Penn State Extension Horticulture Educator Steve Bogash would like to hear from you.

They’ve put together a 15 question survey to inquire into the problems that you encountered, find out what you are growing and your motivation for doing so, and the most important question… whether you intend to stick with your new hobby and continue growing that vegetable plot in the backyard?

Take Just a Few Minutes to Vent or Rave over Your Vegetable Garden

The survey is targeted at new vegetable gardeners who have started growing herbs and veggies within the past 5 years. If you fall in that category please take a few minutes to visit and take the survey.

Don’t worry, there’s no shame in making a few of the common gardening mistakes, and after a season like this past summer many gardeners were second guessing what they had gotten themselves into. The survey is anonymous and the results will be shared with interested media and garden-industry sources.

This gardening survey will only take a few minutes to complete, but it’s only running until November 19th so head on over right now and have your say about the early experiences encountered in the edible garden.

Also, watch for encouragement and future assistance here, including a Veggie Gardening Primer that is designed and created specifically to help with new vegetable gardeners and intermediate growers who have recently taken up backyard gardening as a hobby and a passion!

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  • I truly believe that if it’s fun and you can share your experience within a community, large or small, gardeners will stay.
    I myself have a whole new perspective on veggie gardening.
    I shop at the nursery for plants as my garden becomes my own personal market.
    Right on the very doorstep!
    Happy Gardening
    Marty,Karin and the Potted Vegetable Garden

  • I’m interested to see the results of the survey. I also recommend to my customers that they start small, decide what their families will actually eat, and make the garden fun and manageable. Unfortunately, new gardeners often underestimate the time required of a garden and think “bigger is better.” Some of us have learned the hard way!

  • I had my first vegetable garden this year and it was such a great experience! Grew all kinds of veggies and actually got my kids to eat some of them 🙂

  • Sarah

    I’m not throwing in the trowel. I wish I had a reason to use that because I think it’s clever..hehe
    I’m definitely planning to continue my vegetable garden. Maybe this coming year the squash borers won’t eat my squash and I can harvest more than one zucchini…

  • I just had my 2nd year gardening. This year was more successful than the first. Though I must admit come July and August it was so hot that I didn’t care if everything died because I just didn’t want to have to work in the heat and humidity any longer. Fortunately, the peppers and tomatoes survived the summer and I was able to start tending again in september. I am looking forward to another year of gardening this year.

  • Mark

    I feel like a newbie here, even of it’s my third year.

    For January I sure have the fever! I’ve read some websites and love the writing about War Gardens and Victory Gardens from 1919 (which got all this started for me).

    In South Texas this year we had a winter garden and we’ve still got Brussel Sprouts coming in. Even picked the last cherry tomatoes Christmas Day.

    I can hardly wait!

  • Kenny Point

    Hi Mark, gardening in many ways allows you to feel like a newbie no matter how long you’ve been at it! That’s cool that you were draw in by the history of the War Gardens… vegetable gardening definitely offers some security during difficult times and is a great skill to have in your back pocket.

    Congrats on the Brussels Sprouts and Christmas tomatoes. I’ll remain jealous of your climate… but only until the sun beats down on those hot Texas summer days!

  • bob

    Due to all the chemicals the industry is using I think people are fed up and are going to begin growing and raising there own food so… I think its going to stick

  • Howie

    I’ve seen more and more people around my area in Bryceville FL. so I’m sure that it will be here and grow in the country, and I hope that it does.

  • Tammy

    We started our 1st garden April 18, 2011. It has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. We tilled a 12×15 area and planted sweet corn, green beans, yellow squash, carrots and broccoli.

    The joy that came 5 days after we planted was a huge shock. I went out every morning just to check my garden and to my surprise we had spouts 🙂

    Today we have corn stalks about 10″, green beans vining, squash galore, a few carrots and some brocolli growing well.

    I dont think we will be throwing in the towel either 🙂

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