A Sustainable Riddle from the Organic Farm

September 21, 2009

What has wings but doesn’t fly? And a set of wheels that never see the road? Its travel is limited to a distance that is measured by the number of feet per week, rather than the miles per hour that it covers!

No gasoline, electricity, or even solar batteries are needed to power this ingenious farm implement; so you could call it the ultimate in sustainability. And in spite of its amazing efficiency, it’s far from a slouch when it comes to performance…

This contraption will make short work of even the thickest tangle of weeds, and can cultivate the garden’s soil at the same time that it applies a layer of nitrogen rich organic fertilizer. Did I forget to mention that it also eliminates bugs, grubs, and the tiniest weed seeds?

If all that isn’t good enough for you, this hands-free device has an auto setting so that it works while you are off tending to other tasks. This baby can even be equipped with an optional attachment that will serve up breakfast if you’d like. So what do you think it could be?

I know I just have to get me one of these! Could one be stashed among all the other neat gadgets in the new Veggie Gardening Tips-OpenSky Shop? Hmmmm. You may think I’m exaggerating about this wonder, but you’d be wrong. For now I guess I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out the identity of this sweet dream of a green machine.

If you’re a master of organic farming and sustainable agriculture and already figured out the answer to this riddle, don’t be so fast to give it away. Let everyone else sweat and wrack their brains a bit over this one. You can just tease them with a response that you know the answer, or play along by adding a clue of your own.

So you know what to do… go to the comment section and jot down whatever you came up with as you read the riddle… and do it BEFORE reading what anyone else throws out there to confuse the matter.

Go ahead, I’ll give you some time and then return with the solution to this little gardening riddle. I’ll even share some photographs of this beauty in action to prove that I’m not making it up, and that such a device really does exist!

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