May 2013

I recently traveled to Arkansas to visit Moss Mountain Farm, the home of P Allen Smith and the set for his television shows that include the Garden Home and Garden to Table. A group of two dozen garden writers and eight business sponsors gathered together with P Allen and staff for a few days of […]


Rain, drizzle, high temps in the 60’s, and not a peek of sunshine; but it was still a perfect weekend to spend time out in the vegetable garden! Sure, the sun would have felt great, it’s nice to stay dry, and no one likes wearing rain gear when working in the garden… but there are times when drizzly, cloudy, and […]


May 15th is my unofficial frost free date here in Central Pennsylvania, but I never really expect to see a killing frost that late during spring… well things might turn out differently this year with the possibility of frost in the forecast for tomorrow morning. That’s just why I never rush setting out frost-tender vegetable […]

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It’s still early in the spring vegetable garden and the majority of the planting is still ahead of me but I wanted to share some highlights and a couple of disappointments from this stage of the growing season. Starting out with the old reliable crops that I can always depend on; the fall planted garlic, […]