March 2013

Over the weekend the Pennsylvania Backyard Fruit Growers hosted their annual fruit tree grafting workshop at the Landis Valley Museum near Lancaster, PA. There was a great turnout of regular members, as well as new faces in the crowd lining up to obtain rootstocks and select their favorite scion wood from several long rows of tables loaded […]


Sometimes I can’t help but wonder; why do we even bother talking about GMO’s, organize events like the Right to Know month, report on Monsanto’s setbacks in other countries, or promote efforts here to require the labeling of GMO’s? When it’s obvious that the opposing interests don’t operate by the same set of rules as we do… they simply […]


The weather hasn’t exactly been cooperating, with more cold and snow in the forecast, but the arrival of March still marked the beginning of a new growing season for me. I kicked things off by attending a seed starting workshop, planted my first few flats of vegetable seeds, attended a PASA fruit tree pruning event, and […]


There are signs of wild edible plants and cultivated varieties popping up all over the garden but before I shift my focus to spring I wanted to share a few of the edible weeds that have been out there for the picking all winter long. Despite the presence of frozen soils and blankets of snow, […]


The previous article looked at row covers, cold frames, cloches, and other techniques for protecting the garden during winter, but I wanted to take a closer look at one method in particular. While cold frames are still my favorite tools for cold weather gardening, the simpler row covers are gaining in favor because they are […]