I stumbled unto the Portland Homestead Supply Company earlier this spring during a visit to Portland, Oregon. What first caught my attention was a rack of vegetable and herb plants that were on display right out in front on the sidewalk. From there I noticed crates containing small livestock like chickens and ducks, and knew that […]


Last fall I wrote an article detailing my first attempts at growing baby ginger in the home garden. It was a big surprise to see how well the crop did in spite of the fact that I didn’t faithfully follow all of the cultural instructions as outlined by East Branch Ginger. Well I was in for another […]


The second stop during my trip to Portland, Oregon was to visit the Bee Thinking retail store located just a short drive outside of the city. I was familiar with their operation since that is the source that I used to purchase the top bars that went into my homemade beehives. Matt Reed and his […]


A few weeks ago I wrote about my trip northwest to visit Pennington Seed and to check out the green scene in the Portland Oregon area. I had a great time and this week I’ll share more details; beginning with the first stop at Pennington’s grass seed research, testing, and packaging facilities. Pennington is primarily […]

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Here’s a quick look at some of the plants that are growing in the garden this springtime. Most of these early risers are perennials, with a few biennials and even hardy annuals that over wintered and will soon run to seed. Thanks to the shorter and warmer than usual winter things are flowering a bit […]


We all appreciate the health benefits of eating fresh homegrown veggies, but have you considered implementing techniques to actually boost the nutritional value of the produce that is harvested from your garden? It always seems to revolve around paying less attention individually to plants, and focusing more attention on the soil as a whole and […]


Last week’s excursion to Portland was my first visit within the state of Oregon, but I’m already planning a return trip. This visit came about thanks to Pennington, who invited me to a Seed Summit which included a tour their plant, research labs, and trial grounds in Albany, OR where they research and test the […]


Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I’m all set to call this winter over and move right into a spring gardening mode. This was the mildest winter that I can recall in a very long time, and one that I wouldn’t mind seeing be repeated more often! It’s been a while since the last […]


I normally post a winter article related to heirloom seed catalogs, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit by listing some awesome seed companies that you’ve probably never even heard of. The seed suppliers featured today have a narrower focus, smaller inventory of varieties, or specialize in providing seeds adapted to […]