April 2012

Last fall I wrote an article detailing my first attempts at growing baby ginger in the home garden. It was a big surprise to see how well the crop did in spite of the fact that I didn’t faithfully follow all of the cultural instructions as outlined by East Branch Ginger. Well I was in for another […]


The second stop during my trip to Portland, Oregon was to visit the Bee Thinking retail store located just a short drive outside of the city. I was familiar with their operation since that is the source that I used to purchase the top bars that went into my homemade beehives. Matt Reed and his […]


A few weeks ago I wrote about my trip northwest to visit Pennington Seed and to check out the green scene in the Portland Oregon area. I had a great time and this week I’ll share more details; beginning with the first stop at Pennington’s grass seed research, testing, and packaging facilities. Pennington is primarily […]

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Here’s a quick look at some of the plants that are growing in the garden this springtime. Most of these early risers are perennials, with a few biennials and even hardy annuals that over wintered and will soon run to seed. Thanks to the shorter and warmer than usual winter things are flowering a bit […]